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Chapter 7 lesson 1

Mining and Logging

Where was gold first found in Idaho? Orofino Creek
Which state leads the nation in silver mining? Idaho
With the growth of mining in Idaho, what 2 big problems developed between miners and mine owners? Pay and mining safety
How did miners fight for their safety and higher pay? They joined unions.
What is a union? A large group of people working together for better pay and working conditions
What do we call workers refusing to work until they get their demands met? A strike
What happened between union miners and company guards at Frisco Mill and the Gem Mine in 1892? Men shot at each other and 5 of them died.
Name the only mining company that didn't increase miners wages by 1899. Bunker Hill Mine
How did Bunker Hill miners show their anger at not getting paid higher wages? Hundreds of men stole a Northern Pacific train in Burke Canyon, armed it with dynamite, and rammed it into the bunker Hill Mine at Wardner.
What were the consequences for ramming the train into the mine? 2 men died. fire destroyed the mining offices. Many miners were arrested, put in jail, and many could never work in the mines again.
Which Idaho governor called in the US soldiers to arrest the miners? Frank Steunenberg.
Another labor dispute between mine owners and labor unions took place in 1905. What was the result of the disagreement? A bomb was rigged up at Frank Steunenberg's gate in Caldwell, ID and the explosion killed Governor Steunenberg
Who was accused of placing the Steunenberg bomb? Albert Horsely, known as Harry Orchard, admitted to killing the governor.
When Albert Horsely, aka Harry Orchard, went to trial, what was his defense? He claimed the leaders of the Western Federation of Miners union hired him to do the job.
What trial was known as "The Trial of the Century"? The trial of the union leaders, like William Haywood, accused of hiring Horsely.
Who were the opposing lawyers in "The Trial of the Century"? Clarence Darrow was the defense lawyer, and 2 Idaho lawyers, James Hawley and William Borah worked to show that Haywood was guilty.
How long did "The Trial of the Century" take? 10 weeks
What was the decision, or VERDICT, of "The Trial of the Century"? Haywood was found "not guilty"
What is "scrip"? It was used as payment to miners, similar to money, but could only be spent in stores owned by the mining companies that issued the scrip.
For what did mines and mining companies use lumber? To reinforce mineshafts so they wouldn't cave in.
Name 3 ways that mining towns use lumber? They built stores, schools, and sidewalks.
In what century did logging and the timber industry begin in Idaho? The beginning of the 1900's--the twentieth century.
Name one of the first businessmen to send men to explore Idaho's forests. Frederick Weyerhaeuser
Which Idaho lumber company opened the largest sawmill in the world for a time? Potlatch forests
Name the two largest lumber companies in Idaho. Potlatch Forests, and Boise Cascade--now called Boise, Inc.
Were there women in Idaho logging camps? Some camps had women cooks.
What is a "company town"? Towns put up by some lumber companies for loggers and their families to live together.
For how long was Potlatch a company town? 80 years
Name 7 Idaho sawmill towns Potlatch, McCall, Council, Horseshoe Bend, Cascade, Post Falls and Coeur d'Alene
Name 3 Idaho logging boomtowns Harrison, St. Maries, and Bayview.
Name 2 bodies of water on which steamboats brought supplies to logging towns St. Joes River and Lake Coeur d'Alene
What was "The big Blowup of 1910"? Over 1,700 fires burning the tall pines of Idaho's panhandle sending soot as far away as Greenland.
What is believed to have started "The Big Blowup of 1910"? Either lightning or an out-of-control campfire
What town was threatened in "The Big Blowup of 1910"? Wallace, Idaho
How much of the town of Wallace was destroyed in "The Big blowup of 1910"? About a third.
How did Wallace's mayor fight the fires? He ordered all women and children to leave town, and all the men to either fight the fire or go to jail.
Name the Wallace forest ranger who was a big hero in the Big Blowup of 1910. Edward Pulaski
What heroic feat did Edward Pulaski complete during the Big Blowup of 1910? He led men to an old mineshaft and held them there at gunpoint until the fire passed, saving most of their lives.
What did Edward Pulaski invent? A firefighting tool that was a combination ax and grub hoe which is called the Pulaski.
What eventually put out the Big Blowup fires of 1910? Rainfall.
What mining tool resembled a baby's cradle? A rocker
Where is the richest silver area? Silver Valley
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