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Africa LC #2

Africa Unit Test

What trade route routes developed across the Sahara? The trans Saharan trade routes.
The trans- Atlantic slave trade started when ______ went to Africa? Europeans
Journey across the Atlantic Ocean to the Americas where slaves were chained below deck , in crowded unhealthy conditions. Middle Passage
How many slaves died on the trip through the middle passage trip? 25% dies during transportation
12 million people were enslaved and taken from Africa . What kind of African people did the Europeans want? A) women and children. B) young male leaders. C) young female AND male Leaders D) men and children B) Young male leaders
What were the Europeans looking for in Africa? Gold, Diamond,s and Spices
The Europeans controlled the Africans by setting up colonies to govern them and force their ____,______, and _____ on them. C) language, culture, religion
What two countries during Africa's colonization remained independent? Liberia and Ethiopia
What lead to the civil wars in Africa today? Europeans establishing borders, not considering the tribes that were living there.
Why did Africa's map change rapidly after WWII? Europeans were weakened by the war and Africans were willing to fight for independence.
Britain colonized Australia for what purpose? To send convicts to work and serve their sentences.
British brought their ____,____, and ____ to Australia. A) language, culture, and government.
Native people of Australia. Aborigines
Leader in a fight against apartheid in South Africa. Nelson Mandela
Nelson Mandela used what kind of resistance to go against apartheid. Non violence and armed resistance
What is the largest desert in the world? Sahara
What is the largest savanna, with many animals ? Serengeti plain
_____ is an inactive volcano and the highest physical feature in Africa. Mt. Kilimanjaro
What is the largest lake in Africa? Lake Victoria
Located off the coast of Australia, is the largest coral reef in Australia. Great barrier reef
The cutting of too many trees. Deforestation.
Method used to create more farm land by cutting down trees and burning land. Slash and burn method.
Deforestation causes, more pollution ,less oxygen, and loss of habitat. T/F True
Desertification is the transformation of grasslands to desert. T/F True
Desertification cannot be caused by natural causes, only by humans. T/F False
Desertification results in more crops , more food,and less migration of people. T/F False
To fight desertification farmers can decrease their herd sizes, use better plowing methods, rotate their crops and control erosion. T/F True
Issues facing the Great Barrier Reef are an increase in water temperature, pollution, and over fishing . T/F True
Shortness in supply of resources, can be caused by war, limited resources, and drought. Scarcity
Average age to which a person in a country usually lives. Life expectancy
Number of children (per 1,000 births) that die. Infant mortality rate
What makes a country a developing country? Low GDP per capita - Government has made bad decisions - low manfacturing
The percentage of people in a country who can read and write. Literacy rate
What is Australia's government based on? British style government
South Africa had _____________, that separated the whites and the blacks? Apartheid
How were blacks in South Africa treated differently? - They could not vote, lived in reserves/homelands, had to carry identification papers - Did not receive a good education
When did apartheid end? 1994
What are 3 main influences in Africa? Western, Muslim, and Ingenious
In Rwanda, what conflict between what two groups led to the many deaths in the 100 days in 1994? Hutu and Tutsi
In Sudan there is a conflict between what two groups? Northern Muslims and Southern Christians or people
What was the outcome after 20 years of civil war between Muslims and Christians in Sudan? South Sudan was formed as an independent country.
Australia is trying to make peace with the aborigines. True
Created by: carolyn_thomason



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