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Lms 8 history

Unit 7 civil war

How would the admission of Maine and Missouri help maintain peace in the United States Kept the number of slave and free states equal
Iron clads would prove more important to the union than the confederacy because The confederacy did not have the resources to make additional iron clads but the union did
The confederates had this advantage in the battle of Fredericksburg Strong defensive position
According to dred Scott's lawsuit how had his rights been violated He was kept a slave while he lived in a free territory
Some southerners might have felt that the Missouri compromise favored the north because There was more territory north of the compromise line
What side suffered the most casualties The north
An example of how the issue of states rights contributed to the onset of the civil war was Many southerners believed that their states rights were threatened by northern abolitionist
Dorothea Dix and Clara Barton both contributed to the civil war by Both worked as nurses for the union army
Lincoln informed the confederacy that he would not be sending troops or weapons as food supplies were sent to fort Sumter because To convince the confederacy that he did not intend any military action
The unions capture of port Hudson and the confederates surrender at Vicksburg divided the confederacy in two by The confederacy could no longer get supplies from its western states
The battle of Gettysburg was the turning point for the union because The confederacy did not launch another invasion of the north after the battle
Popular sovereignty undermined the Missouri compromise by Reopening the debate over the border between slave and free states
Grant did not want his troops to celebrate after the surrender of the conferates because It would not help in unifying the nation
Western states were able to request to enter the Union as free states because Popular sovereignty
Towards the end of the civil war general grant affected southern civilians He ordered his generals to impose a total war strategy on the south
Border states chose loyalty to the union or decided to join the confederacy based on Location, those further north chose the union and those farther south chose the confederacy
The effects of the war on the city of Richmond Virginia at the end of the civil war was that Much of the city was left in ruins by the war
The capture of Vicksburg was so important to the union because Of its location on the river
The union troops were ordered to destroy railroad lines to Prevent the confederates troops from receiving supplies
In the Missouri compromise what state came in as a free state Maine
Many southerners were surprised when Lincoln was elected president because Lincolns name was not even on the ballot in many southern states
The effect of the battle of Antietam was The battle boosted the morale for the north
A man in the north could avoid being drafted by Paying three hundred dollars
The conferates finally surrendered at Appomattox court house because Lee knew that the confederates were no longer in a position to fight effectively
Lord Baltimore wanted to attract more settles to his colony because He wanted to earn a royal charter
The Quakers believed in what that set them apart from other religious groups They believed in Freedom of religion
English debtors were sent to live in a new colony established to give them a chance to start over called Georgia
Slave families in the south faced the risk of Being sold at auction
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