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MrH Cold War

Cold War Review

Chiang Kai-shek Leader of the nationalist government of China who the United States supported. Lost control of China to the Chinese Communist party led by Mao Zedong
Mao Zedong Leader of the Chinese Communist party. Took over the country of China and established a Communist government.
Fidel Castro Leader of a communist revolution in Cuba. Established ties between Cuba and the Soviet Union. Leader of Cuba during Cuban Missile Crisis
Nikita Khrushchev Replaced Joseph Stalin as the leader of the Soviet Union, and was responsible for placing missiles in Cuba leading to the Cuban missile crisis
Following WWII, Germany and the capitol city of Berlin were divided occupied by what countries? Soviet Union, Great Britain, France, United States
What was the Berlin Airlift? In response to the Soviet blockade of Berlin, the Western Allies organized the Berlin airlift to carry supplies to the people of West Berlin. The Soviet Union eventually backed down after 11 months
What was the Berlin Blockade? During the occupation Germany following WWII, the Soviet Union blocked the Western Allies' railway, road, and canal access to Berlin which was under under Western control.
Who coined the term "Iron Curtain"? Winston Churchill
What was the "Iron Curtain"? It symbolized the division of Europe. Communist Eastern Europe vs Democratic Western Europe.
How did the Soviet Union expand its territory in Europe following WWII? The Soviet union used political and military pressure to bring Eastern European countries such as Romania and Hungary
What is NATO? North American Treaty Organization -- it is an alliance of Western European countries and the United States that promised to support each other if the Soviet Union attacked
What was the Peace Core? U.S. program that trained and sent volunteers to other third world nations in order to serve as educators, health care workers, agricultural advisors and help the country develop.
Who was Alger Hiss? He was a member of the U.S State Department who was accused of being a communist spy by Whitaker Chambers. Convicted of Perjury and sentenced to prison
Who was Klaus Fuchs? Was scientist who worked on the Manhattan Project. He was later accused and convicted of passing U.S atomic secrets to the Soviet Union.
What was the GI Bill? Passed by Congress in order to provide returning WWII veterans with money for college or job training. In addition, it also provided loans to purchase homes.
What was HUAC? House Un-American Activities Committee -- Investigated communist activities and those suspected of having communist ties.
What was the Cuban Missile Crisis? It was a 13 day standoff between the United States and Soviet Union that occurred after the Soviet Union began installing nuclear missiles in Cuba. The United States formed a blockade to stop weapons from reaching Cuba and eventually a deal was made
Who was Joseph McCarthy? United States Senator who rose to prominence after claiming that he had a list of Communist spies working in the United States government. He then ruined the careers of many by leading a witch hunt and accusing various government officials.
What was the Domino Theory? This stated that if one country fell to communism, than the surrounding countries would soon follow
What two major foreign events occurring in 1949 sparked the Red Scare at home? 1) China fell to the communist forces led by Mao Zedong 2) The Soviet Union exploded their first atomic bomb
Who were the two superpowers of the Cold War? Soviet Union and United States
What is significant about the 38th Parallel? This is the dividing line between communist North Korea and democratic South Korea.
What was the policy of Brinkmanship? United States was willing to go to the brink of war by pledging to use overwhelming force including nuclear weapons if the Soviet Union should ever attack.
Who was George F. Kennan? U.S. diplomat who proposed the concept of containment
What is the foreign policy of "containment"? Throughout the Cold War the United States and its allies practiced a policy of preventing the spread of communism
Where did the first actual fighting break out in the Cold War? Korea - Communist North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to unify the divided country. The United States and UN forces pushed back the North Koreans. War ended in stalemate at the 38th Parallel.
What is the Marshall Plan? This was the United States plan to help rebuild Europe following WWII. U.S gave Western Europe 13 billion dollars in order to help rebuild their infrastructure and economies. The Soviet Union turned down the Aid.
What is the Warsaw Pact? The Soviet Union created a military alliance with its puppet Eastern European states in order to counter NATO. This also solidified the Soviet Union's control over Eastern Europe.
What was the Arms Race? A contest between the United States and Soviet Union seeking military dominance
Duck and Cover These drills taught people to duck and cover their heads in the event of an atomic blast.
What was Sputnik and why was it significant? This was the first satellite to be sent out to space. It was sent out by the Soviet Union on October 4, 1957. This scared the U.S and led to increased funding for education , space exploration, and military.
How did the Korean War begin? Communist North Korea invaded South Korea in an attempt to unify the divided country
Why was the Berlin Wall built? In order to stop the large number of people fleeing out of East Berlin to West Berlin
What was the generation born after WWII and during the Cold War called? The Baby Boom generation
What Triggered the space race? The Soviet Union was the first to successfully launch a satellite and send an man into space
Created by: chris22h
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