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Ch. 9 section 2

Important people, events and places

The French Threat 1) Spain changed policy about New Orleans 2) refused Americans to move into or past New Orleans 3) Spain secretly transfer the Louisiana Territory to France 4) Napoleon planned an American Empire 5) Jefferson authorized 10 mill for New Orleans & Florida
Revolt in Santo Domingo (Haiti) 1) important French Naval base 2) enslaved Africans & other laborers revolted against French 3) Toussaint-Louverture leader of revolution - won 4) Napoleon sent troops to retake island 1802 5) 1804 French driven out of Haiti (Santo Domingo)
Pike's Expedition 1) led 2 between 1805 & 1807 2) explored upper Mississippi River valley & Colorado 3) found Grand Peak (Pike's Peak) 4) learned about the Great Plains & Rocky Mountains 5) mapped part of the Rio Grande and traveled across North Mexico & Texas
Federalists plans to Secede 1) opposed the Louisiana Purchase 2) feared Republican states would develop 3) wanted to secede and make a "Northern Confederacy" including NY 4) wanted Burr to withdraw from 1800 election 5) supported Burr for Governor of NY
Burr and Hamilton 1) Burr accused of treason by Hamilton 2) Burr lost NY governor's race - blamed Hamilton 3) Dueled in July of 1804 4) Hamilton shot and died the next day 5) Burr fled to avoid arrest
Nation Expands 1) Napoleon needed war money 2) time for France to sell Louisiana Territory 3) 15 Mill for the Territory 4) cheap and abundant land controlled the Mississippi River 5) treaty making powers allowed purchase 6) Senate approved Oct. 1803 7) US doubled size
Lewis and Clark 1) Congress sponsored expedition to explore Louisiana Territory 2) documented plants, animals & locations for forts 3)to find & map the NW Passage 4)Meriwether Lewis 28 leader/Wm. Clark 32 co-leader 6)crew - rivermen, gunsmiths, carpenters, scouts & cook
Lewis and Clark continued 7) both amateur scientists 8) French Native Americans served as interpreters 9) left spring of 1804 followed Missouri River 10) Sacagawea served as guide 11) 4,000 mi. & 18 months to reach Pacific Ocean 12) returned back in Sept. 1806
Western Territory 1) pioneers mostly farmers 2) valued possessions rifles & axes 3) rifle for protection & hunting/ axes for cutting through forests 4) Spain owned Louisiana Territory 5) Boundaries - south New Orleans, west Rocky Mountains, North undefined
Western Territory continued 6) pioneers established farms along rivers that fed into the Mississippi 7) ship crops to market using rivers 9) Mississippi access vital for shipping 10) without access, farmers would go bankrupt
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