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Bravo Chapter 11


What are the 2 types of reconstruction? What are their names? What did each do, and how long did they last? -- Presidential/Moderate - 1865-1867, the reconstruction plan that would bring Southern states into the Union as quickly and easy as possible. -- Radical/Congressional/Military - 1867-1877, the reconstruction that wanted to punish the South, troopsincitys
What 3 amendments were passed, and what did each attempt to do? RECONSTRUCTION AMENDMENTS 13th - abolish slavery 14th - citizenship equality, 15th - male suffrage
Radical One who holds extremist views or wants drastic changes.
White League An organization established in 1874 by the Redeemer-Democrats to restore political power to the prewar white Democrats.
Fraud Deliberate deception for unfair or unlawful gain
Anarchy An absence of government or a state of lawlessness
Scalawag A southerner who supported the Republican party during Reconstruction (useless cow)
Credit The ability to buy something now and pay for it later
Unionist A person who supported the Union during the ENTIRE civil war period
Knights of the White Camellia A secret group during Reconstruction in LA that threatened or used violence to keep freedmen from exercising newfound rights (especially voting)
Contract A formal written agreement
Freedmen's Bureau A short-lived government agency established in 1865 to provide food, shelter, education, health care, and employment to former slaves in the south. "40 acres and a mule"
Black Codes A series of laws passed by the legislature after the Civil War that restricted freedmen's action + movements, and it required the freedmen sign 1 year labor contracts.
Sharecropping An agricultural system where landowner provided land and tools, laborers in turn got a part of the profit at the end of the year. Usually leads into economic slavery due to debts.
Freedmen Former slaves
Carpetbaggers A northerner who moved south during reconstruction, usually to take advantage of economic trouble to gain financially.
Reconstruction The steps taken to restore the southern states to the Union and the rebel the south after the Civil War.
Radical Republicans vs. Redeemer Democrats RR - punish the south RD - redeem power in south
Ku Klux Klan (KKK) A group to intimidate freedmen (like WL and KWC)
Why was Sharecropping "economic slavery" B/c freedmen had to ''pay" for extra costs with more labor, or even their homes. If a sharecropper was in enough debt, he or she could be kept on the land for many extra years with no pay.
Fact or Opinion: Reconstruction was the stupidest thing since Lincoln. Opinion
Fact or Opinion: Reconstruction took place after the Civil War Fact
Postwar emotions! Ex: The freedmen felt ___ by the action of the KKK. Threatened, scared, intimidated, etc.
Know relations from reconstruction period. Ex: Republican Party and Southerners MOST Southerners are Democrats and disliked Republicans.
Unification Movement The group who's goal was to creat a compromise between black and white political holdings - including black male suffrage. All groups vetoed it - RR b/c they would lose power, RD b/c they didn't want blacks to vote, and F didn't trust the movement. NOLA
Why were the 5 districts created in 1867? Because that is when military reconstruction began (P. failed)
Who occupied the 5 districts? The U.S. Army
What was the deal with Tennessee? Tennessee, although an ex-rebel state, was not placed under US military watch because they ratified the 14th amendments early, therefore escaping the Radical Republican group.
How many districts were there? 5
Explain the 5 southern districts States were readmitted to the Union once they passed the 14th amendment, which gave full citizenship to all people born in the United States.
Created by: flamingocfs
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