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What forms of the arts became popular during the Mongol Dynasty. novels
Was the only non-chinese led dynasty. Mongol/Yuan Dynasty
The mongols were a large empire. land
China became after the emperor stopped voyages of exploration? isolated
Where did Zheng He's voyages take him? Asia, India, Africa
When irrigation improved during the Tang Dynasty what new crop could now grow in poor soil?: Rice
Which leader unified the Mongol clan and created a new legal code Genghis Khan
Mongols were known for their ability to ride horses while fight
Ruler under the Tang Dynasty carried out many military improvements
Did the civil service exam favor the rich Yes
Confucius says that good government depends on wise leaders
Besides reopening the Silk Road, what else improved trade during the Tang Dynasty new seaports
The Chinese discovered steel, gunpowder , and the rudder ships True
Confucianism is similar to following the Golden Rule True
What philosophy is called the School of Law Legalism
What philosophy believes the government should take care of the people Confucianism
What philosophy believes people should live in harmony with nature Daoism
The belief that god granted permission to rule is called the Mandate of Heaven
The painful Chinese custom which was a way of controlling women during the Tang Dynasty was called Foot Binding
List the importance of the Silk Road The Silk Road traded with other countries connected East to west
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