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Cold War's terms

Explanation in words

Cold War An era of high tension and bitter rivalry between the US and the Soviet Union following the end of WWII.
Containment US policy adopted in late 1940s to stop the spread of communism by providing economic and military aid to countries apposing the Soviets.
Truman Doctrine Truman's pledge to provide economic and military aid to countries threatened by communism.
Marshall Plan Plan for the Reconstruction of Europe after WWII announced by the US Secretary of State George C.Marshall.
Berlin Airlift From 1948-1949. It was a program in which US and Britain shipped supplies by air to West Berlin during a Soviet Blockade of all routes to the city.
GI Bill Act that helped veterans make a smooth entry into civilian life by providing money for attending college or advanced job training.
Baby Boom A dramatic rise in the birthrate following WWII.
Iron Curtain Term coined by Winston Churchill in 1946 to describe an imaginary line dividing communist countries in the Soviet Bloc from countries in Western Europe during the Cold Wa
Fair Deal Plan proposed by President Truman that included a number of programs in the tradition of the New Deal.
GATT General Agreement on Tariffs and Trade. International organization. Reduced tariffs and other barriers to trade.
Hollywood Ten Hollywood writers and directors who were though to be radicals and called before HUAC. The refused to cooperate and send to short term prison.
House of Un-American Activities Committee(HUAC) Committee formed in the House of Representatives in 1930s to investigate radical groups in the US. Focus on the threat of communism in the US during WWII and Cold War.
McCarthyism The name critics gave to Joseph McCarthy's tactic of spreading tear and making baseless charges.
38th Parallel Line of latitude which divides North and South Korea.
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