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History Summer Exam

All SAQ from the 2015/16 season

The Fitzgeralds in Munster were known as the Earls of D_________________. Desmond
What does ‘Protestant Ascendancy’ mean? Parliament was dominated by wealthy landlord families
Queen Elizabeth encouraged Protestant Englishmen called a____________ to travel to Ireland and lay claim to land. adventurers
Give two ways in which a plantation town was different from a medieval town. Well planned Laid out in streets Square (called the Diamond) Protestant church nearby
In 1607, O’Neill and many other Gaelic leaders fled Ireland in what became known as the ____________ of the ____________. Flight of the Earls
There ended up being many changes to Ireland during the Plantations, with law and order B__________ law was forbidden and only c__________ law was allowed. Brehon
Why did some planters take on Gaelic Irish tenants when they were told specifically not to? They were willing to pay more rent They were willing to work for lower wages
During the Nine Years War, the Gaelic lords in Ulster requested help from a particular Catholic country, which country did they request help from? Spain
Give two reasons why Queen Elizabeth was attracted to the idea of Plantation? Bringing in new settlers was cheaper than an English army Spreading Protestantism
Henry VIII proposed that the Gaelic Irish would recognise him a King of Ireland and swear an Oath, in return he would the Irish their land back. This was called S___________ and R____________. Surrender and Regrant
Why was travelling in Ireland dangerous in the 1500s? Wild boar and wolves roamed
What was the Pale? A small area of land around and including Dublin controlled by the monarch
County Laois was renamed __________ County and Offaly was renamed _____________ County. Queens, Kings
Why did Oliver Cromwell come to Ireland? He wanted to punish the Catholics for the massacre in 1641 He needed the land to pay off the debt from the English Civil War
People who held different views to the teachings of the Catholic Church were called h_______________. heretics
What was the role of the Pope around 1500? Set up the Council of Trent Agree to the formation of the Jesuits
Queen Mary started to persecute Protestants during her reign because of this she earned the nickname B_____________ M_______________. Bloody Mary
What was an indulgence? A fee paid to reduce time in Purgatory
In 1536 John Calvin visited Geneva, after spending some time there it became known as the ‘C_________ of G_______’. City of God
Explain Simony. The buying and selling of church positions
Explain Nepotism. Appointing a relative to an important position in the church
Explain Absenteeism. Bishops or priests not living in their dioceses or parishes
Explain Pluralism. Holding more than one position in the church
Where did the most famous Inquisition operate and whom did it persecute? Spanish Heretics, Jews and Muslims
What happened at the Diet of Worms? Martin Luther was declared a heretic after refusing to recant his views
Who brought Calvin’s Presbyterian ideas to Scotland? John Knox
Edward VI allowed Thomas Cranmer to introduce Protestant beliefs to England, he did this by writing the Book of C_________ P_________. Common Prayer
Who was the person who founded the Society of Jesus (Jesuits)? Ignatius Loyola
Give two reasons why religious war broke out in Europe during the Reformation. Kings and Queens of respective countries felt a duty to protect their religion Weren't tolerant of other beliefs
Why was it so difficult for the pope to agree to Henry’s request for an annulment? Did not want to annoy Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V
The reaction of the Catholic Church against the spread of Protestantism was known as the C__________________-R_____________________. Counter-Reformation
Why was the Council of Trent important for the Catholic Church? Made a lot of important decision about Catholic doctrine
Europeans explored for many reasons, name two. Wanted to control the spice trade Spread Christianity Gold and precious jewels
Mention two dangers faced by sailors during voyages of explorations. Attacked by hostile natives Suffer from thirst and hunger
In 1494 the T_____________ of T__________________ divided the world between Spain and Portugal. Treaty of Tordesillas
During the Age of Explorations, who were the Conquistadores? Explorers building a large empire for Spain generally in South America
Europeans used spices from the S________ I__________, also known as the Moluccas. Spice Islands
Name two new items that arrived into Europe from the New World. Chocolate, Turkey, Tobacco, Pineapple, Corn, Vanilla, Chilli Peppers and Potatoes
Late in the Middle Ages, new instruments were invented that helped to overcome certain problems in exploration, name two. Astrolabe, Quadrants (cross-staffs), Compass, Log and Line, Hourglass
What port did Vasco de Gama reach in 1498? Calicut
Name two new items that arrived into the New World from Europe. Wheat, Cotton, Sugar cane and Coffee
The Portuguese developed new ships combining square sails and lateens; what were these ships called? Carracks or Noas
What impact did smallpox have on the native Indians? Wiped out the population by millions
Where did Europeans find slaves to work on their plantation in the New World? Africa
Henry the N_______________ established a school at S______________ in Portugal. Navigator, Sagres
Francisco Pizarro conquered the ___________ civilisation. Incas
What were - Logs? A record of the voyage kept by the captain
What were - Portolans/Portolanos? Maps made of the coastline on voyages of discovery
In France, 95% of the population made up the Third Estate. They were also called c__________________. The rich and educated members of the Third Estate were called the b______________________. Commoners, bourgeoisie
Why did the British decide to tax the colonies? Due to the fact the French Indian War had been so expensive
Why was the Civil Constitution of the Clergy introduced in France? To reduce the power of the Catholic Church
Give two reasons why a rebellion broke out in Wexford. Massacre in Wicklow Government's use of terror to crush United Irishmen
During the Reign of Terror what was the Law of Suspects? A court set up than tried anyone suspected of treason
What was the name on the act that taxed goods such as glass and tea that were imported into America? Townshend Act
Name two of the three men who helped set up the United Irishmen. Wolfe Tone, Henry Joy McCracken, William Drennan and Thomas Russell
Who was the main author of the Declaration of Independence? Thomas Jefferson
What were feudal dues? Taxes paid to the local lord
Explain what the Tennis Court Oath was. National Assembly refused to attend the Estates General and met at a nearby tennis court.
What was the name of the pamphlet written by Thomas Paine, which attacked the rule of George III and called for complete independence from Britain? Common Sense
A parliament that contained the Three Estates was called an E___________ G_____________. Estates General
What was the 'Protestant Ascendancy'? Parliament was dominated by wealthy landlord families
Who were the members of the First and Second Estates? Clergy, Nobles
In 1765, the British introduced the S___________ Act. This was a tax on official d__________________ such as wills. Stamp, documents
What were the advantages of steel? Cheaper to make Stronger than wrought iron Less likely to crack
Thomas T_______________ and John M___________________ were integral in the development of roads. Telford and MacAdam
Mention two effects of the railways. Fast and cheap transport Heavy good transported quickly Hugh boost to mining Boosted tourism Created many jobs
T__________________ and C__________________ were two of the most common diseases in cities during the Industrial Revolution. Tuberculosis and Cholera
What was the domestic system? Was cloth made at home, by hand, by men and women
How did Robert Owen improve the lives of his workers? Built good houses for his workers Set up schools Paid them a fair wage
What were the terms of the Public Health Act 1848? Sewers and water pipes would be built Local Boards of Health were set up
Created by: NoogalD
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