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Ancient China

Unit test review

What carried loess to help fertilize the land? Huang He River
Which mongol leader rose from humble beginnings to establish the largest land empire in history. After uniting the nomadic tribes of the Mongolian plateau, he conquered huge chunks of central Asia and China. Genghis Khan
What does "huang he" mean in English? Yellow River
Rice was originally cultivated along the banks of which river? The Chang Jiang river
What is the name of the dry treeless plains in China that are not suitable for growing crops? Steppes
What is a gorge? A mountain pass with steep rocky sides.
What did the Shang preists do with oracle bones? They heated them over a fire until they cracked. The pattern of cracks was thought to read the future.
How many gods did the people of the Shang dynasty worship? Many gods
Who was the king of the Zhou who defeated the Shang Army and and established a new dynasty in the Huang valley? Wuwang
What made the Zhou think they had the right to start a new dynasty and rule the people? the Mandate of Heaven
What was the purpose of the Mandate of Heaven? If a king is evil, he will be removed because his right to rule comes from the Gods and they will take that right away if he is evil.
Who started Confucianism? Kong Fu Zi
Who started Daoism? Lao Zi
What thinking did not believe in worldly riches or high offices? Daoism
What did Confucius think was the most important quality in a person? Benevolence, always acting fairly toward others.
Who believed that if everyone in the state, from the ruler down to the lowest officials, ruled with justice, then good government and prosperity would follow naturally? Confucuis
What is an emperor? The supreme ruler of an empire, or group of states under one government.
What is the name Ying Zheng took after he conquered the seven major states of northern China and started the Quin dynasty. Shihuangdi
What philosophy of government did Shihuangdi use? Legalism
Who established the Han dynasty after the Quin were over thrown? Lui Pang (Gao Zu)
Which philosophy believes in a centralized goverment? Legalism
The government of the Han Dynasty is based on what philosophy? Confucianism
Who ruled China from 140 BC to 87 BC and decided to expand the Chinese bureaucracy by setting up a system of schools? Wudi
Wudi created schools to prepare students for government service, what was the best school in the empire called? the Grand School
Created by: bthhni
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