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Chapter 6 lesson 1

Railroads and Immigrants

How did the Transcontinental Railroad improve transportation in our country? It connected the growing west to the rest of the nation
Name the two companies that built the Transcontinental Railroad. Central Pacific Railroad and Union Pacific Railroad
Where in the west did the transcontinental railroad begin? Near Sacramento, California
Where in the east did the transcontinental railroad begin? Omaha, Nebraska
How long did it take to complete the transcontinental railroad? About 6 years.
Where did the tracks from the west connect to the tracks from the east, and how were they joined? Utah, they were joined with a "golden" spike
Name the first railroad into the Idaho Territory, Utah and Northern Railroad
What cities were at each end of the Utah and Northern Railroad? Ogden Utah and Franklin, Idaho.
Which group of immigrants help lay track from California to Utah? Thousands of Chinese immigrants.
Which immigrant groups help lay some of the hardest track in Idaho? Chinese and Japanese immigrants.
Which immigrant groups helped lay track for the Wood river section of railroad that went from Shoshone to Ketchum? The Italian and Irish immigrants.
Which immigrant groups worked on Idaho's Oregon Short Line? Mexicans, Greeks, and eastern Europeans
Which immigrant group worked for Union Pacific in Pocatello? African American immigrants
How did having a railroad change life in Idaho? People and supplies travelled more quickly, trains brought new settlers, and tourists who came to see the Idaho Territory.
How did Agriculture benefit from having railroads? Farmers and ranchers could move their goods, cattle and other stock to far away places.
What is a depot? A building for railroad passengers and goods.
Which Idaho town thought their town would grow to become the next Chicago, Illinois because of railroads? Salmon, Idaho
Name three major railroad towns in southern Idaho. Pocatello, Shoshone, and Boise
Why was Shoshone an important railroad town? Tourists came to see the nearby Shoshone Ice caves and Shoshone Falls, and Shoshone used to be the last stop on the Oregon short Line Railroad.
When did the Union Pacific Railroad's main line finally reach Boise? The early 1900's.
Name three railroad towns in northern Idaho. Wallace, Moscow, and Genesee.
Which north Idaho town had a depot that welcomed people to the Silver Valley? Wallace
For what is Robert Strahorn remembered in Idaho history? Writing advertisements and booklets that encouraged people to get people to visit or buy land in Idaho. He planned out the towns of: Hailey, Ketchum, Mountain Home, Weiser, Payette, Caldwell, and Shoshone.
Who wrote the memoir titled "Fifteen Thousand Miles By Stage"? Carrie Strahorn
Which profession was not happy when railroads became common and why? Wagoneers--or wagon drivers who lost business hauling goods because the railroads were faster.
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