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What is the definition of immigration? The action of coming to live permanently in a different country.
What is the definition of emigrate? Leaving your home country to live in another one.
What is the definition of discrimination? When a person/people treat another group/person unfairly because of what gender they are, what race they are, or what their religion is.
What is the definition of prejudice? A judgement before really knowing about that certain thing.
What is the definition of nationality? The status of belonging to a certain nation.
What is the definition of quota? A limited amount of something.
What is the definition of refugees? Someone who has been forced to leave their home country because of war and violence, and so they leave to seek protection.
What is an undocumented immigrant? Someone who doesn't have the legal papers to be in a different country than their own.
What are key reasons why people wanted to immigrate to the United States in the 19th century? It was expanded in size and wealth It recruited railroad companies in europe A blight occurred in europe leaving many left starving so they fled Many farmers needed more jobs
What are the reasons why Americans feared Immigration? The US would turn into an incoherent distracted mass They would corrupt the country’s protestant heritage
What was the know-nothing party? The know nothing party was a group of US citizens who didn’t support immigration and terrorized newcomers.
How were Asian Immigrants received? Asians were discriminated because of their race and culture. Also americans didn’t like them taking low paying jobs.
How did the Cold War affect Immigration policy? The US started the displaced person's act.
What was the Chinese Exclusion Act? The chinese exclusion act was when chinese people weren’t allowed to enter or live in the US.
What was the National Origins Act? This act said that only a certain amount of immigrants could come from each country.
What was the Displaced Persons Act? Was when after world war 2 400.00 refugees from europe could enter the US
What is the Immigration and Nationality Act? Was when the national origins act was abolished.
What was the Gentlemen’s Agreement of 1907? This act made Japan tighten up their emmigration policies to the US and so it would stop the Japanese from coming to the US.
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