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General U.S. History

8th Grade U.S. History

What country was Columbus sailing for in 1492 when he discovered the New World? Spain
To go all the way around the circumference of the world is called what? circumnavigate
Though many native peoples were killed through military conquest, what was the main cause of death for most indigenous people? disease carried over from Europeans
What were Spanish conquistadors mainly looking for in the Americas? gold
Why is the Mayflower Compact important? first document in which Americans claimed the right to self-government
Describe the winters in the New England colonies/territory.... long, cold, snowy
The Middle Colonies were well suited for crops like wheat, fruits, and vegetables. Thus, this area was given what nickname? The bread basket of America
William Penn wanted his colony to be a "holy experiment" where people of all faiths could live side by side. What was the name of his colony? Pennsylvania
Describe the climate of the Southern colonies... Hot, humid, with a long growing season
What type of labor force would have been found on a plantation during early American history? Slave labor
What colony was created for debtors? Georgia
What were the English Pilgrims who settled Plymouth Colony seeking? religious freedom
The earliest, enthusiastic Christian movement that swept through the colonies was called what? The Great Awakening
The long, brutal journey for slaves loaded into slave ships crossing the Atlantic Ocean was known as what? The Middle Passage
A school supported by taxes is what type of institution? Public school
Harsh laws designed to keep slaves in line were called what? Slave codes
The trial of John Peter Zenger helped establish the idea of freedom of the....????? freedom of the press
"Join, or die" was a political cartoon represented by a snake cut up into separate pieces. This plea for unity was designed by what founding father? Ben Franklin
Who said, "Give me liberty, or give me death?" Patrick Henry
What were citizen soldiers called that could be ready to fight at a minute's notice? Minutemen
Who was the commander of the Continental army? George Washington
Breed's Hill and Bunker Hill overlooked what important city? Boston
The shutting off of a port by ships to keep goods from coming in or going out is called what? Blockade
Who was the author of the pro-independence pamphlet, "Common Sense?" Thomas Paine
Thomas Jefferson borrowed many of his arguments found in the Declaration of Independence about natural rights from what Enlightenment thinker? John Locke
What day and year does America celebrate it's independence from England? July 4th, 1776
Why did some enslaved African Americans choose to fight for the British during the American Revolution? Britain offered freedom to enslaved African Americans who fought against the colonists.
What branch of the federal government is the President a part of? Executive
What do we call a period of time when business activity slows, prices and wages drop, and unemployment rises? Economic depression
The first form of government adopted by our country that gave little power to the federal government and most power to the states was called what? Articles of Confederation
What branch of government consists of a system of courts to interpret the law? judicial branch
What do we call the ceremony where the President takes the oath of office? inauguration
What were the names of the explorers sent by Jefferson to search the Louisiana territory? Lewis and Clark
What country did the United States purchase the Louisiana territory from? France
Who was the commander of American forces during the Battle of New Orleans? Andrew Jackson
What would the forced removal of Native Americans from their homes in the South to land in present day Oklahoma be called? Trail of Tears
What invention would increase the number of slaves throughout the South due to the large expansion of cotton production? Cotton Gin
What do we call the time in history where machines took the place of many hand tools and where much of the power that ran factories was conducted by steam power? Industrial Revolution
What reform movement was Horace Mann associated with? Education reform
Who was the founder of the Mormons? Joseph Smith
Created by: davidadams
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