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Period 1 Vocab

Terms, etc. from Period 1

The Native Americans developed many complex sociopolitical cultures and societies based on nature before the arrival and intervention of what people (country)? Europeans (Conquistadores)
List 3 reasons the Europeans had for exploration of new lands. Ideas of the Rennaissance; Nationalism (wanted more land); Improvements in sailing technology; Religious Conflict, etc.
This civilization invented the zero, had advanced astronomical practices, and made large advances in agricultural processes (field rotation). Mayans
This civilization, known for its human sacrifices, fell quickly after Cortez's arrival in 1519. Mexico City was later built on its capital's ruins. Aztecs
The earliest settlers of the North American continent migrated from Eurasia over what natural structure? Land bridge
Who was the first explorer to reach the Americas? Lief Erikson
The Inca natives were conquered by what conquistador in the 1530s, weakened by what entity brought from the Old World? Pizzarro; disease (smallpox, etc.)
The first expedition to circumnavigate the globe was led by what man? Magellan
Though a dreadful misnomer, who coined the term "Indians" for the Native Americans? Christopher Columbus
Spanish explorers seeking "God, Gold, and Glory" were called what? Conquistadores
Which country, under the Treaty of Tordesillas, claimed all the land in North America except for Brazil? Spain
Maize, beans and squash were called what and were used by the NAtive Americans in what region of North America? The three sisters; eastern natives
This system, meaning in the Spanish language "to commend", was supposed to protect and Christianize the natives. Instead, it became an early form of slavery. Encomienda system
The encomienda sy
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