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Chapter 5 lesson 4

Changes For Native Americans

At first, how did Native Americans react to pioneers, miners, and settlers coming on to their land? They were helpful, selling miners fish, and showing the best wagon trails to use.
What changed how Native Americans felt about settlers and miners living on their land? Miners cut down many trees, brought grazing animals like cattle and pigs that ate or crushed the plants that the Natives used for food and medicine, and fences were put up, and took away hunting land and materials to build shelters.
To what tribe did Chief Washakie belong? Wind River Shoshone
What do we call the event in which Colonel Patrick Connor led 300 soldiers to a Northern Shoshone winter camp and killed about 400 Shoshone men, women, and children in 4 hours? the Bear River Massacre
Near what present-day towns did the Bear River Massacre take place? Franklin and Preston
Why did Colonel Connor's troops massacre the Northern Shoshone camp? He thought they had attacked settlers and killed miners in the Boise Basin.
How many soldiers were killed by the Shoshone during the massacre? 22
Who helped take care of the wounded Shoshone after the massacre was over? Mormon settlers in Franklin
Name the Shoshone chief that led many attacks on settlers AFTER the massacre. Chief Pocatello
In what year did the land at the site of the Bear River Massacre become a National Historic Landmark? 1990
In what year was the land at the site of the Bear River Massacre get returned to the Northern Shoshone? 2003
How long did it take the US Army to gain control of southern Idaho? 5 years
What did the Treaty of 1855 promise the Nez Perce tribe? A reservation on aboriginal land at the foot of the Rocky Mountains
How long was the Treaty of 1855 in effect (used?) 5 years
What ended the Treaty of 1855? A miner found gold on reservation land.
What did the Treaty of 1863 accomplish? It made the Nez Perce give up more land and move to Lawai
Who was the chief of the Nez Perce in 1863? Chief Joseph
What started the Nez Perce War? Warriors NOT from Chief Joseph's band attacked and killed white settlers in the same area that Chief Joseph was moving his tribe to Lapwai, and the US army retaliated.
Why did Chief Joseph take his group to Montana during the Nez Perce War? He didn't think the army would follow out of state.
Why did the Nez Perce head to Canada during the Nez Perce War? It would be safe because the US army had no authority in Canada.
How many soldiers and how many Nez Perce fought in the Battle of White Bird? 200 warriors and 2,000 US soldiers
Who won the Battle Of White Bird? The Nez Perce
How many miles did the Nez Perce walk to try and escape the US army in one summer? Over 1,600 miles
Where did the Nez Perce surrender? Only 20 miles from the Canadian border
Why did the Nez Perce surrender? A surprise attack killed many Nez Perce, followed by a freezing snowstorm made them give up.
Where were the Nez Perce taken to live after they surrendered? First to Kansas, then Oklahoma, and then some of them, including Chief Joseph, were sent to live in Washington.
What is the final line of Chief Joseph's surrender speech? "From where the sun now stands, I will fight no more forever"
What was Chief Joseph's Nez Perce name, and what did it mean? Hin-mah-too-yah-lat-kit was his name, and in English it means Thunder Rolling Down the Mountain
Where did chief Joseph learn to speak English? He learned at the Spalding Mission.
What caused the Snake War? Miners and settlers fought with Shoshone over land.
Why did Fort Boise get built? The US army needed a place to headquarter while they protected miners and shipments of gold on the Oregon Trail.
Which Native American tribe was also called the Snake Indians? The Shoshone tribe
Which Native Americans fought in the Snake War? the Shoshone tribe
Who led the US army in the Snake War? Commander George Crook
Who named the Snake War? Newspapers
Who ended the Snake War, and how? Commander George Crook ended the war by moving the Shoshone tribe to the Duck Valley Reservation.
What is "aboriginal" territory? Homeland
What does "cede" mean? Give up.
What were treaties supposed to accomplish? Identify reservation locations, boundaries, rules for both Native Americans and non-Native Americans to keep them safe, and rights given to the Native Americans like fishing and hunting in certain areas.
What is a compromise? An agreement reached by each side of an argument in which each side gives up something they want.
What started the Bannock War? The Bannocks went to the Camas Prairie to harvest camas bulbs and discovered that settler's pigs had dug them up, Many Bannock would die without food for the winter.
Who led the Bannock warriors? Chief Buffalo Horn
Where did the Bannock War take place? It took place in southern Idaho.
How did the Bannock warriors fight the war? They sank ferries and attacked homesteads.
How did the Bannock War end? Soldiers caught the band near Silver City, and killed Chief Buffalo Horn. It ended soon after.
On which reservation do the Bannocks live? Fort Hall
What was the last Indian war in Idaho? The Sheepeater War.
Who were the Sheepeater band? Northern Shoshone.
What started the Sheepeater War? Pioneers accused Sheepeaters of killing two ranchers and five Chinese miners.
What ended the Sheepeater War? The Sheepeaters surrendered without fighting to soldiers from Fort Boise.
On which reservation do the Sheepeaters live? Fort Hall.
Created by: historyB
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