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ch5 lesson 3

Idaho becomes a territory

For how many years was Idaho a part of the Washington territory? 10 years
What do we call a group of elected representatives who make laws and solve problems? Congress
Who signed the bill that made Idaho an official territory? President Abraham Lincoln
BEFORE a territory becomes a state, who picks the territorial leaders? U.S. Congress
In what year did Idaho become a territory? 1863
Where was the first Idaho territorial capital? Lewiston
What legal rights did becoming a US territory give to Idaho? Representation in Congress, Government leaders to make laws, military forces to protect miners from Native Americans, and protection to Indian Reservations from non-Indians.
Whose nickname was "Old Idaho"? William Wallace
Who was Idaho's first territorial governor? William Wallace
Did William Wallace ever visit Lincoln in Washington DC? Yes. In 1865 on the day of the night Lincoln was assassinated
Did Lincoln ever visit William Wallace in Idaho? No
How do Idahoans honor President Lincoln? They have a statue of Lincoln in front of the state capitol in Boise..
What were the original political boundaries of the Idaho territory? It included all of Idaho, all of Montana, and parts of Wyoming.
Who chose Lewiston as the first territorial capital of Idaho? William Wallace
Name Idaho's first newspaper and where it was printed. The Golden Age in Lewiston, Idaho.
For whom was Lewiston named? Explorer Meriwether Lewis.
Why was Lewiston sometimes referred to (called) a rag town? It began as a city of tents.
How did the city of Boise get started? It began as an army post and supply town for miners.
What was the nickname of the city of Boise, and why? The City of Trees because it was planned near the fertile ground of the Boise River, and an fruit orchard was planted that stood out against the dry desert.
Why did Boise's population jump soon after Idaho became a territory? Gold was discovered in the nearby mountains.
Why was the capital moved from Lewiston to Boise? More people lived in the Boise area than in Lewiston.
Where is the largest population base located in Idaho today? In and around the Boise area
Why did many people believe the capital should have moved from Lewiston to Idaho City? At one time, more people lived in Idaho City than in Boise.
For a short time, during the gold rush in 1863, what was the largest (population) city in all of Idaho, Washington and Oregon? Idaho City
What helped the easy spread of disease in large communities? People living very close together.
What can be learned from a tombstone? If the person were a boy or a girl, what their family(last) name was, Dates of birth and death, cause of death, symbols that told what type of job they had or if they served in the military.
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