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darby_db stack

social keyterms

Plateau a large raised area of mostly level land
pre-Columbian refering to the time in the Americas before Columbus arrived
saline salty; consisting of salt
ecological zone a physical area with specific traits of climate, soil, altitude, and so on that determine its particular plants and animals
semi-nomadic partially settled and partially moving around
incentive a motivation
codex an ancient manscript in book form
density all that is supposedly prestermined to happen to someone or something in spite of all efforts to change or prevent it
incarnation a deity or spirit taking physical form
conquistador one who conquers
epoch a period of history marked by notable events
altepelt a Meso-American sity-state
militarism the tendency, belife, or policy thata country should maintain a strong military force and be prepared to use it to advance national interests
tribute money abd goods demanded on an on going basis
obsidian a dark natiral glass formed by cooling of molten lava, used to create razor-sharp knives
oral traditions the passing of cultural knowledge, belifes, and stories to the next generation
Created by: darby_db