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Australia and Canada

Canada & Australia's Government REVIEW

Define Federal Government power is divided between one central and several regional authorities
Define Confederation voluntary association of independent states that agree to some limitations to get something in return
Define Oligarchic government small group is in control, usually for not a good reason, citizen has little or no role in the government
Define Autocratic Government one person has all the power and citizen has little authority
What is the citizen participation and power distribution of Canada? Power Distribution=Federal Citizen Participation=Democratic
Which country does Australia trade with the most? China
Where do most people live in Australia live? the coast
Who were the indigenous people of Australia? Aborigine
What language did the first settlers speak in Australia? English
Who represents the Queen in Australia and Canada? Governor General
Define sovereign state independent state who makes their own rules
Who colonized Canada and How can you tell? France and England by the primary languages (French and English)
France and England by the primary languages (French and English) Hudson Bay Area
How did Canada gain its independence from Britain? slow and peaceful over time
What is causing some of the people of Quebec to desire independence from Canada they want to be an independent because of the different language and culture
What is a tariff ? a tax on imported and exported goods
What is a traditional economy and name a group of people? Who uses it? decisions are made based off tradition and passed down in the family ( example: aborigine)
Does Australia have a strong or weak economy? strong
What kind of economy can be found in Australia? Mixed toward market
What does GDP stand for and what does it measure? Gross Domestic Product and it measures the economic production of an area over a length of time
How many houses are in a bicameral legislature? two
What type of government is in place in Australia? federal parliamentary democracy
What is something unique to the Aborigines? Dreamtime
Why did the English colonize Australia? surrounded by water so it made it a good naval base and a prison colony
What are two consequences of colonization? English brought diseases and their culture
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