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Samsel Chapter 9

Chapter 9 stack for Mrs.Samsel's Social Studies class.

Colonists that demanded independence from Britain were called ____________. Patriots
Colonists that were loyal to Britain and did not want independence were called __________. Loyalists
Shortages of goods for the American colonists were caused by _______________________. British blockades of American ports.
Why did enslaved Africans fight in the Revolutionary War? They were promised their freedom in return.
Which side did Native American groups choose during the Revolutionary War? Some chose a side while others remained neutral.
The turning point of a war can also be described as ______________. an event that causes an important change.
Which country gave the most support to the American colonists during the Revolutionary War? France
Where did the British hope to finally defeat the colonies? The Southern Colonies
What was the name of the treaty that finally ended the Revolutionary War? Treaty of Paris
What does the word, "ordinance" mean? a set of laws.
What roles did women play in the Revolutionary War? - fought in battles and helped soldiers by bringing water and supplies. - ran farms and businesses at home when men went off to fight. - raised money for the war. - wrote about the Revolution and spread the word about the fighting.
How did the French help the colonists during the Revolution? They gave them ships, soldiers, and officers that helped them defeat Britain at Yorktown.
How did Yorktown's location help the Americans and the French? it made it easy for American and French troops to circle the British.
What effects did the land policies of Congress have on Native Americans in the Northwest Territory? Many Native Americans lost their lands and some tried to fight back. Others signed treaties with the colonists which the government often broke.
How did the Declaration of Independence affect how slavery was viewed after the Revolutionary War? It called for the right to life and liberty which made many people think that slavery was wrong.
Created by: stevenbutler



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