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Thermopylae Battle

When was the battle of Thermopylae? 480 BCE
How large was Xerxes’ army believed to have been? 300,000 – 2 million
What did Xerxes intent to do to Athens? Why? Burn Athens to the ground, revenge for the burning of the Persian temple at Sardis (Athens helped the people of Sardis during Ionian Rebellion) & for preventing expansion into Greece
How does the Persian army compare to the Greek army in terms of number of soldiers? 50:1
Why is the pass at Thermopylae an ideal place for the Greeks to make a stand against the Persians? Geographically: only a 200 yard pass between a cliff to the north right over the Aegean Sea and mountain to the south.
Why did Thermopylae geography give the Greeks a advantage? Only a fraction of Xerxes’ army to fight at a time; the Greeks have taken away the Persian numerical advantage by choosing Thermopylae as the battlefield.
Before Thermopylae, the Greek city-states, specifically Athens and Sparta, never fought as a unified force. Why? Who is their common enemy? They are rivals who join together to defeat Persia
Who was Leonidas? What was his role at the battle of Thermopylae? Spartan king, chosen by all the Greek city-states to hold the pass. Leader of the 300 Spartan soldiers who stayed behind to make the last stand against the Persian invasion.
20.Who was Themistocles? What was his role at the Artemesium Straight? Athenian general who lead the Greek navy. Put in change of stopping Xerxes’ navy from surrounding the Greek ground troops
Approximately how many Greek soldiers went to Thermopylae originally? 7000
How is Xerxes able to flank (go around) the Greeks holding the pass? He discovers a trail that goes around the mountain and allows him to come up behind the Greeks
Why can’t all the Greek troops retreat? The enemy will notice the retreat
Created by: haley.ireland
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