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Chapter 4 Vocab

Vocabulary for Chapter 4; Book used: The American Journey, The Early Years.

Subsistence Farming Farming in which only enough food to feed one's family is produced.
Triangular Trade A trade route that exchanged goods between the West Indies, the American colonies, and West Africa.
Middle Passage A part of the Triangular Trade when enslaved Africans were shipped to the West Indies.
Cash Crop Farm crop raised to be sold for money.
Surplus Excess; amount left over after necessary expenses are paid.
Tidewater A region of flat, low-lying plains along the seacoast.
Backcountry A region of hills and forests west of the Tidewater.
Overseer A person who supervises a large operation or its workers.
Slave Code Laws passed in the southern states that controlled and restricted enslaved people.
Export To sell goods abroad.
Import To buy goods from foreign markets.
Charter Colony Colony established by a group of settlers who had been given a formal document allowing them to settle.
Proprietary Colony Colony run by individuals or groups.
Royal Colony A colony run by a governor and a council appointed by the king or queen.
Iroquois Confederacy A powerful group if Native Americans in the eastern part of the United States made up of five nations: the Mohawk, Seneca, Cayuga, Onondaga, and Oneida.
Milita A group of civilians trained to fight in emergencies.
Alliance A close association of nations or other groups, formed to advance common interests or causes.
Speculator A person who risks money in order to make a large profit.
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