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Modern Europe

Study guide for 7th grade Ch. 13

What term refers to a nation in which the head of the government is the leader of the political party with the most elected members parliamentary republic
What term refers to a lessening of tension between two countries? detente
Who was the leader of the Soviet Union from 1958-1964? Nikita Khrushchev
In modern Russia, the people elect representatives to serve in what part of the legislature? Duma
What practice was used by the Bosnian Serbs to eliminate Muslims and later Albanians? ethnic cleansing
Which term refers to the system of money used by a country? currency
More than 15 countries in Western Europe are members of what organization? European Union
What do governments create and distribute to help spread certain beliefs? propaganda
What term refers to a duty or fee paid on exported goods? tariff
What institution was founded to protect the rights of all citizens in the European Union? Court of Justice
What did citizens of the Soviet Union in the 1950-1960 not have? Private property rights
What happened to the leader of the Soviet Union following the "thaw"? deposed
Song, films and posters praising the Soviet Union are what kinds of examples? propaganda
What term describes a period of improved relations between the U.S and Soviet Union? detente
Who allowed the countries of Eastern Europe to break away from the Soviet Union? Mikhail Gorbacheve
What term is used when small political parties in a democratic country join forces? coalition government
How did Bosnian Serbs reduce the population of minority ethnic groups? ethnic cleansing
Today what are most of the countries in Western Europe members of? European Union
What is the most widely used currency in Western Europe? Euro
In the government of modern Russia, what is part of the legislature? Duma
What event brought an end to the Prague Spring? Soviet Union army invaded Czechoslovakia
What was Aleksandr Solzhensitsyn well known as? president
What came to an end in 1991? Warsaw Pact
In the 1990's what did most countries in Eastern Europe become? parliamentary republics
What country was Milosevic president of? Yugoslavia
To encourage trade among its members, that did the EU do? eliminated tariffs on most goods
What did some Eastern European countries have to make improvements doing before they could join the EU? environmental practices
Created by: Hintze
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