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Imperialism Chapter 27 Section 1-4

What does Imperialism mean? The seizure of a country or territory by a stronger country.
Who was David Livingston? A missionary from Scotland, traveled with a group of Africans deep into central.
What was the world's first automatic machine gun? The Maxim gun.
What did the steam engine allow? Europeans to easily travel on rivers to establish bases of control deep in the African continent.
Where did the Fourteen European nations meet? At the Berlin Conference.
Who was Shaka? A zulu chief who used highly disciplined warriors and good military organization to create a large centralized state.
What were two other names for Boers? One was Dutch for framers and another one was Afrikaners.
What was the Boer War? It was known as a South African War. It was between the British and the Boers. It was the first modern "total" war.
Who served as a British prime minister during World War One? Winston Churchill.
What were discovered in South Arica in 1860s and 1880s? Diamonds and Gold.
What are the four forms of Imperialism? Colony, Protectorate, Sphere of Influence, and Economic Imperialism.
What did indirect rely on? Existing political rulers.
What does paternalism mean? Europeans governed people in a parental way by providing for their needs by not giving them rights.
What were some positive effects for colonialism? Economic growth of railroads, dams, and telephone. Reduced local warfare.
What were some negative effects for colonialism? People died of diseases such as smallpox. People lost control of their land and their independence.
What was the Crimean War? The ottoman empire, with the aid of British and France, halted Russian expansion in the region of the Black Sea.
What was the Great Trek? It was the migration into the south African interior of thousands of boers seeking to escape British control.
What was the Sepoy Mutiny? It was a rebellion of Hindu and Muslim soldiers against the British in India.
What was direct control? It was the where the foreign officials brought in to rule and no self rule. Their goal was assimilation.
What was the Suez Canal? It was human made, a waterway, which was opened in 1869, which was connected to the Red Sea and the Mediterranean Sea in Egypt.
What was Social Darwinism? It was an application based on Charles Darwin's ideas.
What was assimilation? It was a policy in which a nation forces or encourages a subject people to adopt its institutions and customs.
Who was Menelik II? An emperor of Ethiopia, who was very successful in keeping his country independent.
What were sepoys? They were indian soldiers serving under British command.
Who were geopolitics? They were an interest in or taking land for its strategic location or products.
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