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US Government 11

Gov Ch. 11 vocab

expressed powers Those delegated powers of the National Government that are spelled out, expressly, in the Constitution; also called the "enumerated powers."
implied powers Those delegated powers of the National Government that are suggested by the expressed powers set out in the Constitution; those "necessary and proper: to carry out the expressed powers
inherent powers Powers the Constitution is presumed to have delegated to the National Government because it is the government of a sovereign state within the world community
strict constructionist One who argues a narrow interpretation of the Constitution's provisions, in particular those granting powers to the Federal Government.
liberal constructionist One who argues a broad interpretation of the provisions of the Constitution, particularly those granting powers to the Federal Government.
consensus General agreement among various groups on fundamental matters; broad agreement on public questions.
tax A charge levied by government on persons or property to meet public needs.
direct tax A tax that must be paid by the person on whom it is levied
indirect tax A tax levied on one party but passed on to another for payment.
deficit financing Practice of funding government by borrowing to make up the difference between government spending and revenue.
public debt All of the money borrowed by the government and not yet repaid, plus the accrued interest on that money; also called the national debt of federal debt.
commerce power Exclusive power of Congress to regulate interstate and foreign trade.
legal tender Any kind of money that a creditor must, by law, accept in payment for debts.
bankruptcy The legal proceeding by which a bankrupt person's assets are distributed among those to whom he or she owes debts.
naturalization The governmental acquisition of private industry for public use.
copyright The exclusive, legal right of a person to reproduce, publish, and sell his or her own literary, musical, or artistic creations.
patent A license issued to an inventor granting the exclusive right to manufacture, use or sell his or her invention for a limited period of time.
eminent domain Power of a government to take private property for public use.
appropriate Assign to a particular use.
Necessary and Proper Clause Constitutional clause that gives Congress the power to make all laws "necessary and proper" for executing its powers
doctrine Principle or fundamental policy
successor A person who inherits a title or office
impeach To bring formal charges against a public official; the House of Representatives has the sole power to impeach civil officers of the united States.
acquit Find not guilty of a charge.
perjury The act of lying under oath.
censure Issue a formal condemnation.
subpoena An order for a person to appear and to produce documents or other requested materials.
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