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Australia TEST 2018


What action by the Australian government would make its economy less like a mixed economy and more like a pure market economy? let supply and demand determine the price for items
Australia's predominant language is _____ ENGLISH
Australia is most likely to trade with _____ CHINA
Why are many of Australia's animals and plants found nowhere else on Earth? the country is a GREAT distance from other large landmasses
The percentage of Australians working in agriculture is 3.6%. What conclusion can be drawn? Most Australians work in urban areas
Where is the Great Barrier Reef? in the Coral Sea off the NE coast of Australia
What kind of economy has both command and market characteristics? mixed
Off which coast in Australia would you find the Indian Ocean? off the Western coast of Australia
The Aborigines make economic decisions based on customs and beliefs. What kind of economy is this an example of? traditional
Why does AUSTRALIA have a HIGH GDP? investment in factories and technology, education and training high literacy rate
How are tariffs and quotas alike? they restrict or limit trade between countries
What is something the Aborigines and the indigenous of Latin America have in common? The were both negatively affected by European diseases.
A trade barrier that discourages trade by placing a tax on foreign goods is called a ___ tariff
What is an important role of entrepreneurs in the Australian economy? jobs are provided
What kind of economic systems do most democratic nations have? mixed
What is true about economic systems in Australia? Laws protect business owners
Why do Australians exchange currency in order to trade with other countries? businesses in other countries use their own currency, not Australian dollars
Australia, Brazil, Mexico all have what kind of economies? Mixed
What is the purpose of an embargo? to ban or stop trade
When would tourists go to Australia's beaches? December - March
Why do people settle where they do in Australia? The eastern coast is densely populated because of the mild climate while the interior is sparsely populated because of the harsh environment.
What are the affects of British colonization on the Aboriginal people today? Aborigines still have higher poverty rates.
Australia and China are trading partners because of their close proximity with one another. What do the countries trade? China provides Australia with furnished goods, like cars in exchange for Australia's natural resources, like minerals.
What is human capital? training and education
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