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North Carolina Drivers Education Test

What must you do when an emergency vehicle approaches from behind or ahead with its flashing lights on? drive to the right-hand curb or edge of the road and stop completely
The faster you drive on a highway what will you need to stop your vehicle? more following distance
What does North Carolina's seat belt law require? the driver and ALL passengers must wear a seat belt
When must drivers use headlights besides from sunset to sunrise? when visibility is 400 feet or less
What is the best way to handle a curve? slow down before entering the curve
When is driving on the left-side on a multi-lane highway legal? when passing another vehicle, avoiding an obstruction and when turning left
When does hydroplaning start? at speeds as low as 30 miles per hour
What type of headlight beams should you use when following within 200 feet of another vehicle at night? low beams
When is passing on the right permitted? when passing a vehicle that is in the left turn lane, on highways that have at least two lanes traveling in each direction and on one way streets where all lanes of traffic move in the same direction
How many points will you be given against your driving record if you run through a red light in the intersection? 3 points
What must you do before pulling out from a right-side parallel parking space? check for approaching traffic and give a left turn signal
When is passing illegal on any hill or curve? when the driver cannot see at least 500 feet ahead
What type of lines are used as left-edge lines on divided highways? single, solid, yellow lines
When driving on a one-way street with three or more lanes of traffic what must you use the lanes for? use the outside lanes for turning and the center lanes for through travel
What are the areas near the left and right rear corners of the vehicle that you cannot see using the mirrors? your blind spots
When a school bus is stopped on a two-lane roadway with its flashing red lights on, what must drivers approaching from both directions do? stop their vehicles
While driving on a highway, how must you maintain a safe following distance under normal conditions? by using the two-second rule
How far must you be to pass a moped while driving? you must stay at least two feet to the left
What do black on orange signs on a highway identify? specific information and directions to drivers in work zones
When you are moving through an intersection with a green signal and a pedestrian starts to cross in your path against the red signal, what is the first thing you should do? give a warning with your horn
Unless otherwise posted, what is the acceptable speed limit in cities and towns? 35 mph
When must the turn signal be given for a turn in normal daylight hours? at least 100 feet before your turn
What is the flagger on the road warning the drivers of? construction on the road ahead
How many feet away should you park from the curb line of an intersecting street? 25 feet
Upon a NC driver's fourth DWI conviction, how many years does the previous three DWIs have to occur in order for the conviction to be considered a felony? 7 years
What BAC level increases a driver's chances of being involved in an accident according to the North Carolina Driver's Handbook? 0.05%
What is the proper hand signal for a right turn if your turn signals are not working? the right arm extended and pointing upward
What should the driver do when driving on the interstate and your vehicle's speed increases? look farther ahead in order to be able to react to changing conditions
Bicyclists share the roadway with other users. What else must they share? responsibility for avoiding collisions
What is the minimum recommended following distance a beginning driver should use under ideal conditions? 3 seconds
What should you do if you are being tailgated? flash your brake lights
What vehicles must stop at all railroad crossings whether or not the signals are flashing? school and activity buses
What does IPDE stand for? I - Identify P - Predict D - Decide E - Execute
Define, defensive driving. protecting yourself and others while driving
How should you check your blind spots when changing lanes? check by looking over your shoulder in the direction you are about to move
What does SMOG stand for? S - Signal M - Mirror O - Over the Shoulder G - Go!!
When is the acronym SMOG used? changing lanes
How is the amount of alcohol in the system measured? BAC - Blood Alcohol Content
Define, Zero Tolerance Law. the law in NC that prevents anyone under the age of 21 from driving with any measurable amount of alcohol in their bloodstream
What is the best way to sober up? allow time to pass to rid the body of the alcohol
What type of insurance is required in NC? liability
What can a drinking driver do to fool a breathalyzer test? NOTHING
What is the time curfew for a Level 2 Limited Provisional License? you are not allowed to drive before 5AM or after 9PM
How are prescription drugs legally available? by a medical doctor
Where is the first place that alcohol begins to affect? the brain
What is the leading cause of accidental death for teenagers/ car crashes
What does 38% of all traffic fatalities involve? a person with alcohol in his bloodstream
What lane should slower moving traffic use on the interstate? the right lane
What should you do if you miss your exit on an interstate highway? continue on and use the next exit
A person weighing 100 pounds can be affected after only how many drinks? 2
What should you do if a deer jumps out in front of your vehicle leaving you no time to stop? control the vehicle as you make impact with the deer
Which highways generally run north to south? odd-numbered highways
What must the DMV do if a law enforcement officer swears that a driver has refused a legal chemical test? revoke or take away their driver's license for one year
What should you do if you have to drive when icy conditions exist? be gentle on the gas, brake ad steering
Where is the greatest chance for a collision occur? at intersections
What is a disadvantage of auto ownership? expense
What should drivers in both directions do when a school bus is stopped to load or unload passengers on a 2-way, 2-lane street? both directions must stop
Why should you NOT drive in the open spot to the right of a tractor semi-trailer truck? the truck driver cannot see you
While driving at night, an approaching vehicle has its high beam headlights on making it difficult to see. What should you do? flash your high beams once at the other driver
What should your following distance be when the weather is bad? 4 seconds
Where are sudden stops more likely to occur? intersections
What is a diamond shaped sign identified as? warning sign
What should you NOT do when parking on the right side of a road, along a curb, and on an uphill slope? turn the wheels of the car to the RIGHT
What does collision insurance cover? your car in an accident that is your fault
What will happen when making a protected left turn? you will be given a green arrow and the oncoming traffic will see a red light
In NC, what is the BAC level of a person over 21 years of age considered legally impaired? 0.08%
What should a driver do when approaching a sharp curve? apply the brake before entering the curve
What should you do to slow the car down when hydroplaning? take your foot off of the gas pedal
What should you do when driving in the daytime in bad weather? have your lights on low beam
At what speed can hydroplaning occur? at any speed
What can drinking too much alcohol in a very short amount of time cause? a person to die of alcohol poisoning
What is the driver instructor referring to when he uses the terms "9 & 3", "10 & 2" or "8 & 4"? the proper position for hands on the steering wheel
What does the the defensive driver expect when driving in traffic? unexpected driving situations
How many INSURANCE points does a DWI conviction carry? 12 insurance points
How should you use the "predict" step of the IPDE process while driving on city streets? by being prepared to predict possible points of conflict early
What should you do when you notice a red traffic light or brake lights ahead? ease off the gas pedal and prepare to stop
When you are involved in a collision. when must you call law enforcement? when someone is killed or injured or when total property damage exceeds $1,000
What should you always do when driving in fog? turn on your low beam headlights
Who does NOT ALWAYS have the right-of-way? a person on a bicycle
How many points can you amass against your license in a 3-year period before having your license revoked? 12 points
Define, friction. the gripping action that keeps a tire from slipping on the roadway
Why are motorcycles often difficult to see? their small size
Define, driving while impaired. when the driver is not able to think, reason, judge, see, hear, feel or react properly
What type of accident is most commonly found while driving on an interstate? rear-end collisions
What is the Highway Transportation System made up of? People or highway users, vehicles & roadways
What causes bridges to freeze before other roadway surfaces? air circulates under and over bridges
On a two-lane country road, what should you do if you are being passed? decrease your speed to help the other driver get past quicker
Even though young drivers only represent 6% of all drivers, what percentage of all crashes involves young drivers? 78% of all crashes
What is it called when the driver views a light turning green? procedural green light
What should you do if you encounter a vehicle headed the wrong way on a one-way street? slow down, steer right and sound your horn
Define, implied consent. if you are ever asked to take a breathalyzer test, you will do so
What is the most common cause of collisions? driver error
How many impacts are there in every collision? at least 3 1 - vehicles 2 - humans 3 - internal (brain and other organs)
When is it illegal to change lanes? at an intersection
Between wine, beer and mixed drinks, which drink has the most amount of alcohol in a typical serving? all typical servings of alcoholic beverages have about the same amount of alcohol
When approaching and going through an intersection, what is a good practice to do? cover the brake in case you need to stop
What is the high collision rate of beginning drivers due to? lack of experience
What happens if you pass a large truck when the road is wet, snowy or slushy? both traction and visibility will be reduced
What should a driver do when approaching a flashing red light? prepare to stop the vehicle
Why is city driving more difficult than driving in other environments? there are more hazards and they occur more frequently
What is the legal drinking age in North Carolina? 21
What does liability insurance cover? the other cars in an accident
The AAA says it costs how much to own a car for one year? $8,000
What should you do when turning left at an intersection? turn into the lane nearest you
When your brakes fail, what is the first thing you should do? down shift into a lower gear
Construction signs are denoted by what color? orange
What is one of the most important things to do before purchasing a car? get a respected mechanic to look over it
When would you use a three-point turn? when you wish to turn your car around
When is the road the slickest? when it first begins to rain after several days with no rain
When is a Driving Eligibility Certificate issued by an applicant's school required? when you obtain a Limited Learner's Permit
How can a person be impaired? by both alcohol and drugs
What is the number 1 cause for malfunctions and emergencies? driver error or lack of vehicle maintenance
What should you do when you run off the road? grip the wheel firmly, take your foot off the gas and gently pull the car back onto the road
What does a red circle with a slash through it mean on a traffic sign? the action on the sign is prohibited
What body organ rids the body of 90% of he alcohol one has consumed? liver
What pedestrians are most at risk? children and young adults
What is it called when your friends affect your decision making process? peer pressure
What is an example of an active restraint? a safety belt
What is the "Basic Speed Law" in NC? the speed considered safe for existing conditions on the roadway
What should you first check to prevent paying too much for a new or used car? NADA Blue Book
Which direction will the car pull if your right tire blows out? to the right
What is important to see when stopping at a red light? the tires of the car in front of you touching the pavement
Created by: ndmsteach
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