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social studies test

africa unit in geography

what body of water borders africa to the east? the indian ocean
what body of water borders africa to the west? the atlantic ocean
what separates africa and europe? the strait of gibraltar
what separates africa and asia? the red sea
what is the longest freshwater lake in the world? lake tanganyika
what is the main physical feature in africa? the sahara desert
what body (ies) of water border africa to the north? mediterranean sea and the red sea
what is it when land becomes more and more dry until it turns into a desert. (may be caused by climate, humans, or both) desertification
an unusually long period in which little or no rain falls drought
land that is not well suited for growing crops marginal land
group of herders who move with their animals from place to place in search of pasture and water pastoral nomad
what are the physical characteristics of the desert? it has three main landforms, ergs, regs, and nammadas. it has two rivers: nile and niger. temperatures vary, while rain is unpredictable
how have people adapted to living in the desert? -live in small groups -long loose clothing -pastoral nomads -use camels for transportation -new machines drill holes for new oases
what are physical characteristics of oases? forests, water, lots of land for animals, fruit trees, arid land, dry sand and rock
how have people adapted to living in oases? sharing date plants trade produce for goods, fill containers with water, few windows to keep out the heat, little work is done during the day, most is done at night when it is cooler, and they build windbreakers
what are the physical characteristics of the sahel? desert, coal-miners, niger's trees, droughts, grasslands, acacia trees, baobab trees, and bushes
how have people adapted to living in the sahel? plant crops in dry areas, move fields of crops and grazing land for animals, increase herds to sell for money, use trees for firewood
a system in which one country rules another area as a colony. the ruling country controls trade with its colony for benefits. colonialism
an area that is set apart from other places by the way of life of the people who live there. cultural region
a variety of people from different ethnic groups ethnic diversity
a variety of people who share a common language linguistic group
cocoa bean, milk, vanilla, sugar, cocoa butter, coconut, almonds, and peanuts are examples of what? natural ingredients
name the five wealthiest countries in south america (hint: b,a,v,c,c) brazil, argentina, chile, colombia, venzuela
name the five wealthiest countries in asia (hint: j,c,i,s.k,i) japan, china, iran, south korea, india
name the five wealthiest countries in europe (hint: i,f,u.k,g,s) italy, france, united kingdom, germany, spain
name the five poorest countries in the world (hint: c,a,n,k,m) cambodia, armenia, namibia, kyrgyzstan, madagascar
name the five wealthiest countries in the world (hint: u.s,j,f,g,u.k) us, japan, france, germany, united kingdom
the former official south africa policy of separating people according to their race. gave most power to the whites apartheid
the way people or things are spread out over an area or space. can refer to the way goods are divided distribution
made up of people from several ethnic groups multiracial
the separation of one group of people from another (generally by race) segregation
marginal land is land that is best described as land that is _________________ not well suited for farming
cultural region is best described as a region whose people share the same ________________ way of life
_________ can involve laws or customs that require different groups of people to use different facilities and live in separate areas segregation
desertification is the process by which land becomes more and more dry until it turns into deserts. what causes this? climate change and human activities
all of the following are cause of desertification except: overgrazing, deforesation, long-term drought, shifting agriculture shifting agriculture
what was the central purpose for South Africa's policy of apartheid? racial segregation
which of the following are most threatened by desertification? croplands, forested area, marginal lands, wilderness areas, marginal lands
although many yoruba dialects are spoken in nigeria, the yoruba belong to one: -consumer group -linguistic group -nomadic group -occupation group linguistic group
name one major difference between the sahara and the sahel. the sahel receives more rainfall than the sahara
how did the end of apartheid affect the distribution of political power in south africa? blacks gained control of the government through free elections
how did the apartheid policy affect "asian's" and "coloreds" in south africa? it restricted their rights and opportunities
what do ergs, regs, and hammadas all have in common? they are all desert landforms
name one way people have adapted to living in the desert. one third of the people there are pastoral nomads. the tuareg wear long, loose clothing to protect them from the sun. tuareg traders use camels for transportation. drilling machines have created new oases
which of the following is the most important economic activity in the niger river delta? cattle herding, commercial fishing, oil production, subsistence farming oil production
name one educational goal south africa has emphasized since the end of apartheid preparing all students for good jobs
name one thing the hausa and the fulani have in common. they are both muslims
name one important legacy of british rule in nigeria conflict between the igbo and other ethnic groups
how has the employment equity act affected job opportunities in south africa since 1998? it has opened jobs to all ethnic groups
which ethnic group was rewarded by the british for their willingness to learn english and attend british schools? the igbo
millions of people are affected with HIV. most of the victims are which of the following? elderly people, working-age people, young children, health-care worker working-age people
in what country does the blue nile and white nile join? sudan
what physical feature stretches across northwest africa? atlas mountains
what country produces the most cacao beans? ivory coast (cote d'ivorie)
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