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ch 27 and 29

MP3 quarterly

What is The Boer War Boers fought British over control of diamond and gold mines; 14,000 black South Africans died and British put Boer women and children.
What was the Berlin Conference? What agreement came out of it? Who was left out of the Berlin Conference? What was the result in Africa by 1914? 14 European countries talk about rules for the division of Africa. agreed any European country could claim land in Africa by notifying other nations. African rulers were left out; Result was by 1914, only Liberia and Ethiopia remained independent.
Who was David Livingstone and what was he doing in Africa? Who was Stanley? What did Stanley do in Africa? Livingstone was a missionary promoting Christianity in Africa. Stanley was a reporter sent to look for Livingstone who stayed in Africa and explored the Congo River. Helped King Leopold of Belgium obtain land for Belgium
Summarize Africa in the mid-1800s, before European imperialism. a bunch of ethnic and linguistic groups,Europeans had established contact, but African armies able to keep them out Travel to interior was almost impossible – rivers hard to navigate until steamboats Disease Africans controlled their own trade networks
 What did industrialization lead European nations to do? Why? Seize vast areas of Africa during the 19th and early 20th centuries. They wanted raw materials and a market for industrial products
What are the four types of Imperialism? Briefly describe each and give an example. Form Definition Example Colony
Direct Control – Foreign officials brought in to rule (saw Africans as unable to run country) No self-rule Goal: assimilation Government based only on European styles french colonies did this
Why was managing the colony in Nigeria difficult? Which form of imperialistic control did Britain use in Nigeria? Explain. Very culturally diverse – over 250 different groups with different language, culture, and religion British used indirect rule which worked well with some groups but not others who resented their power being limited by Britain
Why was it almost impossible for African states to overcome European powers? Europeans had superior weapons (all resistance movements failed EXCEPT Ethiopia which fought off the Italians)
Describe at least 5 positive effects of colonialism in Africa Reduced warfare Humanitarian efforts in areas improved sanitation, hospitals, schools. lifespans in literacy rates improved Economic expansion as African goods became valued on markets Involved railroads, dams, and telephone and telegraph lines
What had happened to Ottoman power by the early 1800s? Weakened Weakened; lost land
What was the Crimean War?  Who fought in it and why? Who helped the Ottomans and what was the result of the war? War between France, Britain and  the Ottoman Empire against Russia.  Wanted to prevent Russia from gaining additional Ottoman land.  Russia was defeated. 
Why did the Persian people oppose their ruler’s policy of selling business concessions to Europeans.  Persian people did not want western influence in their country.Believed that rulers had “auctioned” off Persia to foreigners and foes of Islam.
Who fought in the “Great Game” and what were they fighting over? Great Britain and Russia.  Fought over India.
Why had many Russian czars fought the Ottomans? To gain land on the Black Sea for a warm water port
How did British rule in India change after the Sepoy Mutiny?  What does the Raj mean?  1858 – British took direct command of India.  Raj – British rule after India comes under Britain during reign of Queen Victoria;  Policy in India directed from London and British viceroy in India carried out the British govt orders
Why didn’t Indians unite against the British in the Sepoy Mutiny? Weak leadership and splits between Hindus and Muslims (many Hindus preferred British rule to Muslim
What were the negative effects of British colonialism in India? British held most economic and political power; focus on cash crops resulted in loss of self-sufficiency for many people & reduced food output causing famines; traditional Indian life threatened by racist attitude of British and presence of missionaries
List some of the products that the British got from India Mostly agricultural: tea, indigo, coffee, cotton, jute, and opium
Describe the restrictions put on the Indian economy by the British. India has to produce raw materials for British manufacturing and buy British goods; Indian competition with British goods prohibited; cheap cloth and ready-made clothes flooded India and drove out local producers;
Pacific Rim countries bordering the Pacific Ocean
King Mongkut ruler of Siam, which is present-day Thailand
Annexation adding of territory
Emilio Aguinaldo leader of nationalists in the Philippines, declared independence and established the Philippine Republic
Dutch Expand Control • Dutch colonies, called Dutch East Indies, include Indonesia • Settle Indonesia, establish rigid social class system
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