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Samsel Chapter 7

Social Studies Chapter 7 Stack

Founder of the Maryland colony that gave Catholics a safe place to worship. Lord Baltimore
Which of the following documents allowed religious freedom to all Christians in the Maryland Colony? Toleration Act
These areas were included in the original colony of Carolina From Virginia to Spanish Florida
Who helped found the colony of Georgia by recommending that debtors be allowed to settle there? James Oglethorpe
The Piedmont could also be referred to as the __________ of the southern colonies. backcountry
Most enslaved Africans in the South worked on ____________. plantations
The first settlement in North America for free Africans was in ______________. Spanish Florida
What was the main cash crop grown in the northern areas of the southern colonies? tobacco
What was the main cash crop grown in the southern areas of the southern colonies? rice
What kind of worker did colonists hire to buy and sell goods for them in England? broker
The major port city in Georgia was ___________. Savannah
The major port city in Maryland was ____________. Baltimore
The major port city in North Carolina was __________. Wilmington
The major port city in South Carolina was __________. Charles Town
The major port city in Virginia was _________. Norfolk
List some of the major causes of conflict between southern colonists and Native Americans. Southern colonists took Native American land, treated the harshly (sometimes selling them into slavery), and brought with them many European diseases.
How did enslaved Africans deal with the hardships of their lives? They often pretended to be sick, broke tools, played African music, told stories, and used Christianity as a tool to get hope and strength.
What is the one thing that isn't on the study stack that Mr. Butler really, really, really, really, really, really, recommends you should study? The large and small scale maps on page 260 and how to measure distance on a map.
Created by: stevenbutler