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6th - LA Chapter 5

Exploring The Caribbean

What are the options for Puerto Rico in the future? become a state, remain a commonwealth, or become a country
Who has been the dictator of Cuba since the 1950s? Castro
In Puerto Rico, many people live in the... cities
In spite of being citizens, what are 3 things Puerto Ricans cannot do in the US? pay taxes, vote, have representation in Congress
After earning their independence, Haitians wanted to set up a country with a … democracy
Two of Haiti's most ruthless dictators of the 1900s were… Papa Doc and Baby Doc
Haiti is the only country in the world that was formed from a successful… slave revolt
Before Haiti gained its independence it was a colony of… France
Before the Spanish-American War, Cuba and Puerto Rico were both colonies of… Spain
n 1991, an event that drastically affected Cuba's economy was… the break up of the Soviet Union
In the 1990's, thousands of Cubans tried to sail away from Cuba, hoping to… apply for entrance to the US
Even with their own __________, Puerto Rico is still bound by many US laws. constitution
Puerto Rico is a __________ of the United States with its own government commonwealth
People who live in Puerto Rico are __________ of the United States. citizens
Throughout the Caribbean, there are several different __________ of a variety of languages spoken. dialects
The blend of African, French and West Indian traditions in Haiti gives them a __________ culture. Creole
Unlike in the 1960s and 1970s, only about 5% of Cubans are __________ and 95% are able to read and write. illiterate
Many Cuban __________ risk their lives to emigrate to the United States where they will have freedoms that are limited in their own country. exiles
In a __________ country, the government owns all large businesses and most of the land. communist
Fidel Castro took control of Cuba in 1959 and has been ruling as a _________ ever since. dictator
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