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DU PA DM Toxicology

Duke PA Diagnostic Methods Toxicology of Substance Abuse

ethanol distributes in __ phase of both plasma and erythrocytes water
ethanol levels are usually measured on __ specimens for uniformity whole blood
clearance of alcohol from the bloodstream is by zero-order kinetics, meaning __ clearance occurs at a constant rate independant of concentration
BAC of __% = slight mood alterations, mild sedation 0.02
BAC of __% = lowered inhibition, impairment of judgment and less rational decisions 0.06
BAC of __% = decreased reaction time (legally drunk) 0.08
BAC of __% = impaired balance and coordination 0.15
BAC of __% = decreased pain and sensation 0.20
BAC of __% = diminished reflexes, semi-conscious 0.30
BAC of __% = loss of consciousness, very limited reflexes 0.40
BAC of __% = death 0.50
United States madatory BAC limit for public driving > or = __% 0.08
United States madatory BAC limit for public transportation employees (bus drivers) > or = __% 0.01
United States madatory BAC limit for pilots > or = __% (also no alcohol in the last 8 hours) 0.04
wood alcohol methanol
rubbing alcohol isopropanol
antifreeze ethylene glycol
Enzymatic assays utilizing alcohol dehydrogenase reaction may detect __ all alcohols
gas liquid chromatography provides __ results qualitative and quantitative results
applies to the handling of evidence and its integrity chain of custody
lab abnormalities associated with chronic alcohol use macrocytosis, anemia, elevations in AST, ALT, GGT, CDT
the two methods of pathology of cocaine direct effect on sympathetic tone (vasoconstrictor), direct toxicity to myocardium
false positive on screening for __ is high (NSAIDS, passive exposure) cannabinoids
is lipophilic and may stay in the system from days to weeks THC
Serum drug screen at Duke is used primarily for overdose and ETOH. It includess acetaminophen, salicylate, tricyclics, ethanol
amphetamine/metamphetamine can be detected in the blood for 2-3 days
benzodiazepines can be detected in the blood for up to 4 weeks
cocaine can be detected in the blood for 2-4 hours
cocaine metabolites may be detected in the blood for 3-5 days
opiates can be detected in the blood for minutes
THC can be detected in the blood for up to 1 month
PCP can be detected in the blood for 2-3 days
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