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Social studies

Social studies Interium

Pearl Harbor The main reason America joined WWll
Warm springs Where FDR went to treat his polio
Lend-lease act. An act to send supplies over to country's fighting Germany in WWll.
Bell Air and Liberty Ships. Both were a way to get jobs and help the war.
Carl Vinson and Richard Russell Both were gov. known for their military tactics.
Plessey vs. Ferguson A case that stated that segregation was legal.
Jim Crow Laws. Laws that separated blacks, and whites.
Black codes. A different way of slavery
Disenfranchisement To deprive someone their right to vote.
W.E.B Dubois Was an early civil rights leader. That believed in peaceful protesting to get equal rights.
Booker T. Washington A former slave and early civil rights leader that believed that blacks should work with whites to get civil rights.
Social security Created insurance for elderly, unemployed, and disabled people.
CCC Created jobs for young men to work in projects aimed at natural resources.
REA Created to give offer low-interest loans to give Georgia farmers electricity.
Tarrifs A tax on trade.
Bank Failures. One of the reasons the stock market crashed.
Over production People over produced products that people could not afford during the Green depression.
Role of General Assembly and how they are elected They are elected by GA citizens of a 2 year term. They have the ability to cast a vote if theirs a tie, the power to make committee assignments.
The formal powers of the Governor and where do they come from? They come from the constitution.
The informal powers of the Governor and where they come from? To cast votes if ties, etc.They come from the constitution.
Define criminal law, and civil law. Criminal law is any action that can harm someone. Civil law is any dispute between citizens.
Punishment options for juveniles convicted in juvenile court. Home confinement/house arrest, Placement with someone other than a parent or guardian, Juvenile hall/juvenile detention facility, Probation after juvenile hall, Secured juvenile facilities, Adult jail,
Define delinquent. A delinquent is a child offender of the law.
Define revenue and expenditure and give two examples. a state's annual income from which public expenses are met, the action of spending funds. The taxes used for a school, when you buy a new car.
Tom Watson The populist party leader, the person that made the rural free delivery system.
Henry Grady. The mind of the New south.
New South. A "New south" that was more about the northern factories then the traditional agriculture way of income.
Rebecca Latimer Felton Wanted women rights in america, was the first female governor but only served 24 hours. Believed in white supremacy.
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