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Social Studies

What do you call the time after the Civil War when the South was rebuilding and changing the way they did things? reconstruction
What was the government agency that was formed to help provide food, schools and medical care for those in need after the civil war? Freedmen's Bureau
What is it called when freed men and poor white men rented land from a landowner and part (share) of the crop was given to the landowner as payment? sharecropping
What were some of the problems freed African Americans faced after the Civil War? They needed food, housing, education, clothing and jobs
What happened to the economy in Virginia after the civil war? * money had no value * banks were closed * railroads, bridges and crops were destroyed
What is the separation of people usually because of race and religion? segregation
What is the unfair difference in treatment of people called? discrimination
What were the laws called that were passed by the southern states to create a separation of the races? Jim Crow laws
How did the Jim Crow laws effect voting for the African Americans? Unfair poll taxes and voting tests that kept them from voting
How did the Jim Crow laws effect other services? separate poor quality drinking fountains, restaurants and separate schools
How did railroads effect the growth of Virginia after the civil war? Railroads were the key to expansion of business, agriculture, and industry. They helped small towns grow into cities.
Where were coal deposits discovered? Tazewell County in the Appalachian Plateau region
What town became the railroad center of Virginia? Roanoke, formally called the Big Lick
What other group of people did the Jim Crow laws effect? The American Indians
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