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SS - New Nation

TEST 3/25 - The New Nation

What is the Articles of Confederation and what was it used for? A document used to form a central (federal) government after the War for Indpendence
What powers did congress have under the Articles of Confederation? Declare war and peace, print and borrow money, deal with other nations
What powers did congress NOT have under the Articles of Confederation? Force states to obey its laws, raise money with taxes, control trade, set up an army
Why did congress call a meeting about the Articles of Confederation in 1787? To make the national government stronger
STUDY THE DIAGRAM ON PAGE 300-301 in your book! STUDY THE DIAGRAM ON PAGE 300-301 in your book!
What was the result of the government taking farms when farmers did not pay their debts? Shay's Rebellion
Which states were opposed to the Virginia Plan because the larger states would have more votes? Rhode Island, New Jersey, Connecticut
Who was known for his honesty when he recorded all sides of each debate given at the Constitutional Convention? James Madison
Why was the Great Compromise made during the Constitutional Convention? To represent states by both population and equal votes
How were the slaves counted in the Constitutional Convention? Every 5 slaves counted as 3 free men. 3/5 rule
What are the three branches of government? Legislative, Executive, Judicial
A legislature can override a veto by a _____ majority vote. 2/3
Why do we have the "Checks and Balances" system? So no branch of government has too much power
The first ten amendments, also called the Bill of Rights, protects rights and freedoms of all citizens
The Constitution of 1878 said Senate and House of Representatives can write laws, declare war, and approve judges under a federal system
Why do we need a way to make amendments to the Constitution? For the will, or desire, of the people
What are the rights of the Federal government/Central government? Set up an army, issue (create) money, control trade between the states
What are the rights of the State government? Set up schools, run elections, control trade within the state
Name three of the patriotic leaders who attended in the Constitutional Convention George Washington, Ben Franklin, James Madison
What does "We the people" mean and where is it located in the Constitution? It means government is chosen by the citizens. It is found in the Preamble.
Created by: she4thgrade