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*** Pulju study cards - His E - 20th cent (incomplete at this moment)

What was the Russian Revolution? The Russian Revolution was the Communist takeover of the government in Russia.
When did the Russian Revolution end? The Communists killed the czar (king) in 1917 and assumed control of the country.
How did the revolution impact WW I? Russia withdrew from the fighting of WW I, and it's allies were weakened by the withdrawal of men and supplies.
What were some reasons why the KKK encouraged people to join their organization in the 1920's ? paid to recruit people, to keep blacks in their place
What was one of the few countries that the U.S. did not limit immigration during the 1920's ? Canada
What was the purpose of the Palmer raids in the 1920's ? Hunted down suspected communists, socialist, and anarchists
What resource was the Teapot Dome scandal about ? Oil
During the 1920's what did people fear the most when dealing with strikes, society, unions, or the govertment ? Spread of communism?
What kind of union was John L. Lewis most involved with ? United Mine workers
What did anarchists have said about Harding's scandals in the 1920's ? We shouldnt have govertment
What were some reasons that it was hard to enforce prohibition ? Not enough money to enforce, too hard to guard borders
Define Speakeasy ? A place where alcoholic beverages were sold
Define Harlem Renaissance ? The flowering of the african american
Why did John Scopes get into trouble in Tennessee ? Taught evolution in the classroom
Define fundamentalism ? Protestant movement that believed the bible is literaly true
Harlem Renaissance glorification of the accomplishments of African Americans
Great Depression A worldwide economic crisis, 1929-1940;the stock market crashed, banks failed, millions were out of work.
Dust Bowl A drought and overfarming caused a large area of the central U.S. to turn to dust.
New Deal President Roosevelt's plan for relief, recovery, and reform during the Great Depression. Relief helped the poor, recovery got the economy going again, and reform changed the economy to prevent another depression.
Depression a period of economic slowdown in which there is high unemployment, business failures, and the economy operates far below its capacity
Buying on margin paying a fraction of the cost of an item; for example, the practice of buying stocks during the 1920's
Indigenous people pouplation
Created by: mshons