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history chapter 23

lesson 1

Militarism the aggressive strengthening or armed forces
Imperialism building an empire by founding colonies or conquering other nations
Nationalism feelings of loyalty to ones nation
Archduke Francis Ferdinand heir to Austria-hungry shot by a Serb that sparked WWI
Chancellor Otto Von Bismark and Kaiser Wilhelm brought together German states to create Germany
Slavs wanted to break away from Austria-Hungry and join the independent Slavic country of Serbia
Mobilize prepare its military for war
Central Powers alliance between Austria-hungry and Germany/ later Bulgaria and Ottoman empire joined
Allied Powers France, Russia, Brittan, later US and Italy
First Battle of the Marrne Sept. 3, french beat german
Western front long battle in Mid September that was from the north sea to Switzerland
Trench Warfare defending a position by fighting from the protection of edeep dictches
Tanks armored combat vehicles that can cause heavy damage but cannot be destroyed easy
Airplanes used to gather enemy location
Stalemate a situation in which neither side can win a decisive victory
Battle of Verdun longest battle of WWI, allies attacked along the Somme river
U-boats launched torpedoes against allied supply ships causing heavy losses
Created by: Ella!!
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