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Ch. 8 section 3

Important people, events and places

Opposing views 1) attacks came from Thomas Jefferson supporters 2) try to discredit policies of Washington & Hamilton 3) formed political parties/divided into groups 4) Washington disapproved of political parties/ thought it would divide the country
Opposing views continued 5) other think it is natural for people to disagree 6) Hamilton & Jefferson took opposing sides on issues a)economics and foreign relations b) federal government powers and interpretation of the Constitution
Federalists 1) supported ratification of the Constitution 2) supported Washington's administration policies 3) strong federal government 4) Admired Britain & distrusted France 5) favored banking & shipping interests 6) strong New England support
Phillip Frenaue 1)published the National Gazette - against Washington & Hamilton 2) Jefferson & Madison supported Frenaue
Republican /Democratic - Republicans 1) wanted limited federal government powers 2) supported the French/ condemned Pro-British policies 3) appealed to small farmer & urban workers 4) support found in Middle Atlantic & Southern States
Hamilton's views 1) Constitution gave Congress the power to issue money & regulate trade 2) National Bank will help the federal government carry out these responsibilities
Jefferson's and Madison's views 1) implied powers are limited 2) use implied powers only when absolutely necessary
The People's Role - Federalists 1) supported representative government - elected officials 2) too much democracy dangerous to liberty 3) didn't want public too involved in government 4) office should be held by educated, honest men 5) ordinary people might be swayed easily by agitators
The People's Role - Republicans 1) feared a strong central government 2) believed that democracy & liberty is only safe when ordinary people are involved in the government
Election of 1796 Federalists' nominees - John Adams - pres. Charles Pinckney - v. pres. Republicans' nominees - Thomas Jefferson - pres. Aaron Burr - v. pres. / Adams elected pres./Jefferson elected v. pres. a Federalist president & a republican vice president
The XYZ Affair Causes 1) French resented Jay's Treaty 2) French demanded bribes & loans 3) USA refused to pay - Effects 1) Urged congress to prepare for war 2) public was angry with the French 3) suspicions grew about immigrants who were not citizens
Naturalization Act It changed residency from 5 years to 14 years before an alien could become eligible for citizenship.
Alien Act It allowed the president to imprison aliens (foreigners) and to deport aliens he thought were dangerous to our country.
Sedition Act It made it a crime to speak, write, or publish "false, scandalous, and malicious" criticisms of the federal government.
Why the Naturalization, Alien, and Sedition Acts were passed 1) The Federalists controlled Congress 2)To strengthen the federal government 3) to silence the Republican opposition
Results of passing the Acts 1) it discouraged immigration 2) foreigners left the country 3) 10 Republican newspaper editors were convicted for criticizing the Federalist government
Reaction to passing the Acts 1) opposition to the Federalist party grew 2) there was a movement to for states to overturn Federal laws
The Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions 1) both claimed that the Alien & Sedition Acts were unconstitutional 2) Kentucky resolution suggested the states nullify federal laws that were unconstitutional 3) Federal Government should be only what the Constitution clearly states
The Virginia & Kentucky Resolutions continued 4) states should have all other powers not forbidden by the Constitution
Federalists' viewpoint/ Republicans' viewpoint Economy - protective tariffs, emphasis on manufacturing / Free trade, emphasis on agriculture
Federalists' viewpoint/ Republicans' viewpoint Foreign Relations - Support for Britain / Support for France
Federalists' viewpoint/ Republicans' viewpoint Role of the Federal Government - Strong Federal government / Strong State government
Federalists' viewpoint/ Republicans' viewpoint Interpretation of the Constitution - Loose interpretation, federal government has implied powers / Strict interpretation, federal government powers limited to those need to carry out the Constitution
Federalists' viewpoint/ Republicans' viewpoint Role of the people in government - rule by the wealthy class/ rule by ordinary people
Created by: mshellabarger
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