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Virginia Legislature

Legislative Branch of VA

What distributes power among the legislative, executive, and judicial branches of the state government? the VA constitution
What do we call Virginia's legislative branch? General Assembly
Because the General Assembly is made up of two houses it is a __________________ legislature. bicameral
What are the two houses that make up the General Assembly? House of Delegates and Senate
How many Delegates are in the General Assembly? 100
How many Senators are in the General Assembly? 40
Senators serve ____ year terms and Delegates serve ___ year terms 4; 2
Who presides over the VA Senate? Lt. Governor
Who presides over the House of Delegates? Speaker of the House
Does the General Assembly meet for a fixed number of days? yes (60 days for even years and 45 days in odd years)
What is the primary responsibility of Virginia's General Assembly? to make laws for VA
What are expressed powers? those specifically listed in the Constitution (delegated or enumerated)
What are implied powers? powers used to carry out expressed powers
What are the primary issues in the Legislative Process at the State Level? Education, Public Health, Environment, State Budget (biennial), Revenue
What is a biennial budget? two-year
What amendment reserves power for the states? 10th Amendment
What is the lawmaking process in VA? work in committees, debate on the floor, voting on a bill by both houses, signing the bill by the Governor (or he can veto it or send it back to the General Assembly)
Why do elected officials write laws? in response to problems or issues
Who helps shape legislation? individuals and interest groups
Created by: Lisa_Hudson