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April Benchmark

Review for April Benchmark

the Quakers settled in this colony Pennsylvania
a safe place for Catholics Maryland
why we have life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness we are human/born
officially ended the American Revolution Treaty of Paris 1783
what the Articles of Confederation could do allowed the new country to declare war
government wanted by the Federalists strong central government
government wanted by the Anti-Federalsits states to have the power
Which group was one of the first to want to end slavery? the Quakers
2nd Amendment right to bear arms
3rd Amendment colonists no longer had to quarter troops
4th Amendment police have to issue warrants
8th Amendment no cruel or unusual punishment
12th Amendment a presidential candidate picks his or her vice president
what Alexander Hamilton wanted to create a National Bank
judicial review when the Supreme Court decides if a law is constitutional or not
when Jackson fired government workers and replaced them with his supporters and friends Spoils System
where Andrew Jackson sent the Indians Oklahoma
claiming land all the way to the Pacific Ocean Manifest Destiny
this created a way to admit new states Northwest Ordinance
president who finished out Manifest Destiny James K. Polk
why the Mexican-American War started border dispute over Texas
land we bought after the Mexican-American War Mexican Cession
what was discovered in California in 1848 gold
what we did because of the War of 1812 began manufacturing our own goods
Document that told European countries to stay away from the Western Hemisphere Monroe Doctrine
why many Irish immigrants came to America potato famine
the main immigrant group that came for the Gold Rush China
what caused many people to join social reform movements 2nd Great Awakening
what led to many jobs in the cities, lower prices of goods, and better transportation Industrial Revolution
what was King in the South cotton
if a person wanted to end slavery abolitionist
the religious group that wanted to end slavery Quakers
what forced escaped slaves and free blacks into slavery Fugitive Slave Law
turning point in the Civil War Battle of Gettysburg
battle where the North took control of the Mississippi River Battle of Vicksburg
Confederate leader at the Battle of Bull Run Stonewall Jackson
Document that set the slaves free in the rebel states and allowed them to fight in the Civil War Emancipation Proclamation
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