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Latin America

plateau large raised area of level land
isthmus narrow strip of land that has water on both sides and joins two larger bodies of land
coral skeletons of sea creatures
tributary rivers or streams that flow into larger rivers or streams
Andes longest mountain range in the world and is located on the west coast of South America
Atacama driest desert on earth
elevation height of land above sea level
Amazon rainforest contains broad, green leaves, vines and thousands of species of plants and animals
diversify add variety to an economy
hieroglyphics writing using signs and symbols
Tenochtitlan magnificent city of the Aztec civilization
conquistadors A Spanish conqueror of Mexico, Peru, or other part of Latin America in the 1500's
patagonia cold, dry area where sheep are raised
forest floor ground level of rain forest and receives very little sunlight
canopy big umbrella of thick leaves and rises about 90 feet above ground
tourism practice of traveling for recreation and a major economic activity of Latin America
tropical storm storm with winds of at least 39mph
hurricane storm with winds of at least 74mph
maize important crop raised by Mayan farmers
tribute tax paid to Aztec conquerors
economy the ways that goods and services are produced and made available to the people
Carnival celebration that takes places just before Lent
Inca Ancient civilization found along the Andes in South America
Aztec Ancient civilization that existed where present day Mexico city is located
Maya Ancient civilization of Central America and Southern Mexico
Montezuma Famous Aztec leader
mestizo A person who has both European and Native Indian ancestry
deforestation permanent removal of woodland and threatens plants and animals of the rainforest
Quechua language spoken by people who lived in the lands that were once part of the Inca civlization
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