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History Review

Regions and People of the Western Hemisphere

Multiple-tier timelines differ from single-tier timelines because: They use two or more rows of events.
Early Indian civilizations' use of calendars, number systems, and mapping of the stars are examples of: technology
Which early Indian civilization built a great city called Tenochtitlan in central Mexico? Aztec
The Mississippian civilization did all of the following: built mounds, had a two-class social system, developed a widespread trade network
Which agricultural practice was common to all four early Indian civilizations? planting corn
What event in history marked the beginning of the end for early Indian civilizations? arrival of the Spanish
What are the lasting effects of English exploration and colonization in the Western Hemisphere? religion, language, and architecture
Which two countries settled most of South America? Spain and Portugal
What were the agricultural practices or products brought to the New World by Europeans? domesticated animals, new crops, like apples and coffee, and clearing large tracts of land
Created by: Mrs. Mason