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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HNRSU.S. Hist. "Civil War" test flashcards 2022

List two (2) technological innovations/ inventions that were created during the Civil War. 1.) The "triage system" of sorting wounded soldiers into categories according to the severity of their wounds; 2.) Use of mobile surgical hospitals near battlefields (these were the first Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, or MASH, units).
Which Union officer was selected by President Lincoln to conduct the "March to the Sea" in an attempt to bring a quick end to the Civil War? General William T. Sherman was selected for this.
List two (2) things that we learned about the Battle of Gettysburg. 1.) One reason that the Union "won" this battle was because they held the high ground on Cemetery Ridge; 2.) General Lee tried to resign his commission as a Confederate officer after losing this battle, but Confederate President Jefferson Davis refused.
Why was the Battle of Antietam "crucial to the Union victory"? 1.) Britain was going to intervene and mediate between the North & South if the South had won this battle; 2.) Britain planned to recognize the Confederacy (i.e. the South) as a separate government if the South had won this battle.
What were "revenue cutters"? These were small, lightly armed boats used by government customs agents to apprehend merchant ships that were violating customs laws. The Confederacy used these boats during the Civil War due to its lack of a navy.
Which state "slipped into guerilla warfare" between groups such as William Quantrill's Raiders (Confederate) & the "Jayhawkers" (Union). Missouri.
What new technological innovation improved both the accuracy and range of muskets during the Civil War? The introduction of "rifling" in musket barrels.
What was the "March to the Sea"? This was the name given to General William T. Sherman's path of destruction he left behind that stretched from Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia.
What does the word "rifled" mean? Having a series of spiral grooves inside the barrel of a fun that cause the projectile to spin, giving it greater ranger and accuracy.
The war exacted a tremendous emotional toll on everyone, even those who escaped injury. Why? Many soldiers were scarred from the sights of the many new forms of death and mutilation.
What was the most notorious of the Civil War prison camps? Andersonville Prison.
What is typhoid fever? An infectious disease transmitted through contact with contaminated water, milk, or food; causes severe internal distress & high fever.
What was a contributing factor to the war? Confederate officials exchange African American prisoners of war.
What is a "battery"? An Army artillery unit, usually supplied with heavy guns.
What is Fort Sumter? This is the Union fort in South Carolina where the first shots of the Civil War were fired.
What position did President Lincoln offer Robert E. Lee and what was his response? Offered Lee Field Command of the Union Army, but he refused deciding to serve his native state, Virginia, instead.
What led many Southern states to join the Confederacy? Lincoln's push for the mobilization of the militia and requests for troops.
What does the term "requisitioned" mean? "Demand for military use."
Why was life different for Southern women vs. Northern women during the Civil War? Nearly all of the Civil War battles were fought in the South, which resulted in crop damage and loss of property. This meant that Southern women experienced more of the war "1st hand".
What were "Black Codes"? These were laws passed in the South just after the Civil War aimed at controlling freedmen and enabling plantation owners to exploit African American workers.
Where did Confederate General Robert E. Lee surrender? He did this at the court house in Appamatox, Virginia.
When did the Civil War end? It ended in April, 1865.
What was the Emancipation Proclamation? This was a law passed by President Lincoln that abolished slavery "in all states still in rebellion after January 1, 1863".
What was the "Anaconda Plan"? This was the name for the Union's (North's) plan for winning the war when it began. They wanted to cut off the South's supply lines so that they would run out of resources & surrender.
What does the term "attrition" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "the wearing down of one side by the other through exhaustion of soldiers and resources".
What does the term "martial law" mean/ refer to? This term means "military rule".
Who was the president of the Confederate States of America? Jefferson Davis held this office.
Which state was the first to secede from the Union? South Carolina was the first to do this.
List the names of the six (6) states that left the Union after the first state left. 1.) Mississippi, 2.) Florida, 3.) Alabama, 4.) Georgia, 5.) Louisiana, 6.) Texas.
What did the 13th Amendment do/ put in place once it was passed? This Amendment granted citizenship to all persons born (or naturalized) in the U.S. & stated that no state could deprive any person of life, liberty, or property "without due process of law".
What did the 14th Amendment do/ put in place once it was passed? This Amendment stated that the right to vote "shall not be denied . . . on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude".
Who was Clara Barton? She was a battlefield nurse during the Civil War. She went on to found the American Red Cross. (Video)
According to the video that we watched, what were two (2) ways that President Lincoln used technology to help the Union win the Civil War? 1.) He used the telegraph to communicate directly with generals during battles; 2.) He used railroads to quickly move troops and supplies where they were needed.
According to the video that we watched, what was "bromine"? This was a disinfectant that surgeons used to clean soldier's wounds. It drastically reduced the number of cases of gangrene after amputations.
What was the "Emancipation Proclamation"? This was a law passed by President Lincoln that freed all slaves "in states still in rebellion".
According to the video that we watched, why did so many freed slaves join the Union (northern) army? They did this because they began to view themselves as "an army of liberation" once they were freed.
According to the video that we watched, what two (2) chemicals were used to embalm soldiers who had died so their families could bury them "back home"? 1.) Zinc Chloride; 2.) Arsenic.
How did the North use blockades during the Civil War? They used these to try to cut off the South's supply lines.
Who was Jefferson Davis? He was a former Mississippi senator and was chosen to be the first president of the Confederate States of America after secession.
List the 3 things that Senator John J. Crittenden proposed as Constitutional Amendments. 1) Slavery would remain in states where it already existed; 2) The Missouri Compromise Line would be reinstated; 3.) Slavery would be prohibited in territories north of the Compromise Line and allowed in territories south of the Line.
What did President Abraham Lincoln believe about Crittenden's Compromise? He believed that this was a bad plan because accepting slavery in any form and in any part of the United States was unacceptable.
What was one (1) clear advantage that the North had over the South that helped them win the Civil War? One clear advantage that they had was they had way more factories than the South, so they could easily produce weapons, ammunition, supplies, etc. needed for the war.
Which city served as the capital city of the Confederate States of America after secession? Richmond, Virginia served this purpose.
What caused the South to experience a 9,000% inflation rate by the end of the Civil War? This was caused when the South lacked money from taxes and bonds and was forced to print paper money to pay its bills.
Why weren't many government bonds sold in the South during the Civil War to help finance the war effort and to fund their government? Southern planters were in debt and couldn't afford them. Southern banks were small and didn't have enough cash reserves to buy them either.
Why has the Civil War been called the "first modern war" by historians? It has been called this because it was the first large - scale war to take place after the Industrial Revolution.
What does the term "habeas corpus" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "a court order that requires the government to charge an imprisoned person with a crime or let the person go free".
Why is the Battle of Gettysburg considered a "turning point" in the Civil War? It is considered this because if the South had won this battle, Great Britain had planned to recognize them as their own nation. The Union victory here prevented this from happening.
Why was the Battle of Vicksburg an important victory for the Union (the North)? This battle was important because, once the Union won, the South was effectively cut in two.
Why was the city of Chattanooga, Tennessee important to the North's war plans? This city was a vital railroad junction. Controlling this city meant that the North would control a major railroad that ran South into Atlanta, Georgia.
What does the term "Reconstruction" mean/ refer to where the Civil War is concerned? This is the term used to describe the rebuilding of the nation after the Civil War.
What were 2 things proposed under Abraham Lincoln's Reconstruction Plan? 1.) Amnesty to Southerners who took a loyalty oath & accepted its slavery policy (i.e. no slavery); 2.) State governments could organize as new states once 10% of state's voters had taken the loyalty oath.
Why was the Freedmen's Bureau established? This was established in order to feed and clothe war refugees in the South using surplus army supplies & to help formerly enslaved persons find work on plantations including helping with their contract negotiations.
What does the 15th Amendment to the Constitution do/provide for? This Amendment states that the right to vote "shall not be denied...on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude".
What did the Wade - Davis Bill do/provide for? This required the majority of the adult white males in a former Confederate state to take an oath of allegiance to the Union. Then they could create a new state constitution & a new state government.
What does the term "carpetbaggers" mean/refer to? This term refers to northerners who traveled to the south during Reconstruction. Many of them were eventually elected or appointed to positions in new (southern) state governments.
What does the term "sharecroppers" mean/ refer to? This term refers to poor farmers who used a portion of their crops to pay for rent on the land they were farming, seeds, equipment, etc.
Created by: sticklerpjpII
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