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Mr. Stickler's Liberty Christian HIST 11 "Civil War" test flashcards 2017

List two (2) technological innovations/ inventions that were created during the Civil War. 1.) The "triage system" of sorting wounded soldiers into categories according to the severity of their wounds; 2.) Use of mobile surgical hospitals near battlefields (these were the first Mobile Army Surgical Hospitals, or MASH, units). (Video)
According to the video we watched, how did the Union Army's role change after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed? The Union Army "(became) a force for liberation" as over 200,000 former slaves signed up as Union Army soldiers. (Video)
Which Union officer was selected by President Lincoln to wage "total war" against the Confederacy in an attempt to bring a quick end to the Civil War? General William T. Sherman was selected for this. (Video & Pgs. 409 & 410)
What was the Gettysburg Address? This was a speech given by President Abraham Lincoln at the dedication of the battlefield cemetery in Gettysburg, Pennsylvania. (Video & Pg. 405)
How did President Lincoln use the railroad to the North's advantage? He used it to move troops and supplies to the front lines very quickly. (Video)
How important was the telegraph to President Lincoln's Union Army? Very important! He used it to communicate with his generals who were engaged in battles. He read battle reports and issued orders to some of the generals using telegraph. (Video)
How did the South (Confederacy) use the telegraph? The Confederacy rarely used the telegraph to conduct war operations. (Video)
Who was Clara Barton? She tended to the Civil War wounded, essentially becoming the first battlefield nurse. She also invented the triage system and became the found of the Red Cross (after the war). (Video & Pg. 400)
How did cameras (and photographers) change the face of warfare? They used their cameras to bring images of the aftermath of battles to the home front. (Video)
What was one (1) technological innovation that allowed families to grieve the war dead? The process of embalming preserved the bodies of soldiers who had died so they could be returned home and buried near their families. (Video)
What was important about the Battle of Antietam? It was the bloodiest, single - day battle of the Civil War.
What were "revenue cutters"? These were small, lightly armed boats used by government customs agents to apprehend merchant ships that were violating customs laws. The Confederacy used these boats during the Civil War due to its lack of a navy. (Pg. 385)
Which state "slipped into guerilla warfare" between groups such as William Quantrill's Raiders (Confederate) & the "Jayhawkers" (Union). Missouri. (Pg. 388)
What new technological innovation improved both the accuracy and range of muskets during the Civil War? The introduction of "rifling" in musket barrels. (Video & Pg. 400)
What was the "March to the Sea"? This was the name given to General William T. Sherman's path of destruction he left behind that stretched from Atlanta, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia. (Video & Pgs. 409 & 410)
What does the word "rifled" mean? Having a series of spiral grooves inside the barrel of a fun that cause the projectile to spin, giving it greater ranger and accuracy.
What nickname was Clara Barton called & why? "Angel of the Battlefield" because she spoke to and fed every soldier to try to nurse them back to health.
The war exacted a tremendous emotional toll on everyone, even those who escaped injury. Why? Many soldiers were scarred from the sights of the many new forms of death and mutilation.
What did Mary Livermore and Jane Hoge do? They created small relief societies designed to aid soldiers and their families.
What was the most notorious of the Civil War prison camps? Andersonville Prison.
What is typhoid fever? An infectious disease transmitted through contact with contaminated water, milk, or food; causes severe internal distress & high fever. (SQR2; 1st Hour)
Who did Northern Democrats want to become the U.S. president? General George B. McClellan.
What was a contributing factor to the war? Confederate officials exchange African American prisoners of war.
What is a "battery"? An Army artillery unit, usually supplied with heavy guns.
What is Fort Sumter? It is an island stranglehold in Charlestown Harbor, South Carolina that housed lots of federal troops and supplies.
Who had Richmond, Virginia offered as a site for the new nation's capital? Letcher.
What position did President Lincoln offer Robert E. Lee and what was his response? Offered Lee Field Command of the Union Army, but he refused deciding to serve his native state, Virginia, instead.
What was a contributing factor that won many states for the Confederate cause? Lincoln's push for the mobilization of the militia and requests for troops.
What does the term "requisitioned" mean? "Demand for military use."
Why was life different for Southern women vs. Northern women during the Civil War? Nearly all of the Civil War battles were fought in the South, which resulted in crop damage and loss of property. This meant that Southern women experienced more of the war "1st hand".
What is one (1) thing that Clara Barton is famous for (besides being a battlefield nurse)? She invented the "triage" system of classifying the wounded to ensure that those who were critically wounded were cared for first. She also founded the Red Cross.
List the names of the two (2) rifles that were used during the Civil War. 1.) The Springfield Rifled Musket; 2.) The Whitworth Rifle.
What made the Battle of Gettysburg stand out among the rest? This battle stood out because there were 50,000 casualties.
What does the term "Reconstruction" mean/ refer to? This term refers to "rebuilding the nation after the Civil War". (Pg. 140)
Created by: sticklerpjpII