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Social Studies 1920s

Intolerance The refusal to accept equal people as equal.
Communism System of government where the government controls all aspects of the economy.
Red Scare Fears of communist revolution in America,
Palmer Raids Attorney General A. Mitchell Palmer to arrest government radicals (communist).
Warren Harding President of U,S. in 1921. Promised propersity at home and peace abroad.
Ohio Gang Harding's friends from Ohio that he gave Cabinet positions to.
Teapot Dome Scandal Secretary of Interior Albert Fall took bribes and made illegal deals with oil executives to drill on oil-rich land in Wyoming.
Calvin Coolidge Became president after Harding died. Favored business
Laissez Faire Theory that if the government did not interfere in business then businesswould benefit the nation by making more money and creating more jobs.
Kellogg-Briand Pact Treaty signed by 15 nations agreeing not to make warnunless in self defense.
Assembly Line Henery Ford invented it to speed up production by having parts move along a conveyor belt and workers add parts to make final product.
Installment Buying Using credit cards to pay for purchases then paying back in monthly payments.
Flapper A young woman who embraced the fashions and attitudes of the 1920;s.
Prohibition 18th Amendment thaht banas manufacturing and sale of alcholic beverages.
Al Capone Violent crime boss that monopolized the illegal liquor business in the 1920;s.
NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) Organizations that worked to protect the Contitutional rights kof African-Americans.
Marcus Garvey frica to escape duscriminaktiojn.
Fundamentalism Belief of a literal word for word interpretation of the Bible.
John Scopes Teacher convicted of teaching Darwin;s Theory of Evolution in TN high school It challenged the Biblical the
Ku Klux Klan Increased power and influence in 1920's. Spread violence towards African-Americans, impure women and religious groups.
Jazz Music developed by African-Americans in New Orleans.
Popular culture Song, dances,fashion and slang expressions from the time period
Harlem Renaissance Rebirth of African-American culture in the 1920s after Great Migration.
Lost Generation Artist and writers that were filled with resentment and saw little hope for the future.
Expatriates People who chose to live in a country other than their own.
Charles Lindberg First who chose to fly nonstop across the Atlantic.
Amelia Earhart First women to fly across the Atlantic. Disappeared on a around the world tour.
Prosperity A successful or thriving period. Financially doing well
Mass Media Communications that reach large audiences (Radio, movies and magazines in the 1920s)
Created by: Caseange
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