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Western Middle Ages

Enlightenment Test

Be able to put these in order: Renaissance, Dark Ages, European Exploration, Scientific Revolution, Black Death, Fall of Rome, Industrial Revolution, Feudalism, Crusades, Charlemagne Rules,
What was the historic document that limited the king's power and when was it signed? Magna Carta 1215
What is the time span for the 5th century? 400-499
What took place during the 11th, 12th and 13th centuries? Crusades
What took place during the 14th-16th centuries? Renaissance
What were some of the results of the crusades? trade routes opened up between Europe and Asia, they lead to the Renaissance, Ancient Rome and Greece were rediscovered
What percent of Europe was killed by the plague? 30-35%
What did Leonardo da Vinci paint? Mona Lisa and Last Supper
Who painted the Sistine Chapel? Michelangelo
What was the purpose of castles? they were defensive structures and protected and housed the nobles
What 2 religions were involved in the fight over the holy lands? Islam and Christianity
Did the Crusades end the fighting in the holy lands? No
Name the plague that hit Europe and Asia and how many people did it kill? Bubonic or Black plague and about 25 million
What country controlled the water ports during the Age of Exploration Portugal
What was another name for the Midieval Era? Middle Ages
Which group of people supported Martin Luther's efforts against the church? Protestant
Who were the vikings? a Scandinavian group that were skilled sailors and fierce warriors
What was the Renaissance? age of creativity and artistic achievement
What years did the Middle Ages exist? 476-1500
What was the Reformation? movement against the Catholic church
Who was an engineer, scientist, inventor and and painter and considered to be a true "Renaissance Man" Leonardo da Vinci
Who was the scientist that developed a high powered telescope? Galileo
What did Vasco da Gama discover? a new water route to India
Who was Joan of Arc? a popular female for France during the 100 Year War
Who found the laws of gravity during the Scientific Revolution? Newton
What is the order in feudalism? Knights, Peasants, Lords, Kings
Who believed reading and writing were important, created a money system and revived the Christian faith? Charlemagne
What did the Magna Carta do? limited the king's power
What was the major problem during the Middle Ages? the lack of a strong government
How was the Feudal System set up? to govern the land through loyalty and protection
What event let to the death of over 17,000 Frenchmen? Reign of Terror
What was Napoleon Bonaparte's known for? providing stability to the French government after the French Revolution
Where did the Renaissance start? Italy
What country is considered to be the heart of the holy land? Israel
What were the 4 major Scandinavian countries? Finland, Denmark, Sweden, Norway
Know the major accomplishments and the routes of these men...Jacques Cartier, Amerigo Vespucci, Bartholomeu Dias, Vasco da Gama and Ferdinand Magellan
Created by: ellist
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