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Colonial America

Names of people and other vocabulary

Tenant A farmer who raises crops or livestock on land belonging to another in return for rent.
Tavern An inn or meeting place.
Slave A human being owned as property by another person, usually for life, and forced to work for that person.
Rebels People who want to overthrow the government.
Governor A person who controls a town or colony.
Indentured Servant A person bound by contract to work for another for a fixed period of time.
Colonist A person or group that settles in a colony.
Colony A territory that is located far from the country that has control over it.
Peter Minuit He bought Manhattan Island from the Manhates Indians and was the first governor of New Netherland.
Henry Hudson He explored the Hudson Valley region including parts of New York, New Jersey, and Delaware.
Fort Orange One of the first Dutch settlements (near Albany).
Dutch west India Company A group of businessmen who wanted to establish a permanent settlement for the purpose of trading.
Samuel De Champlain Explored the St. Lawrence River and northern NY for France.
Peter Stuyvesant Surrendered New Amsterdam to the British.
Giovanni De Verrazano First European explorer; bridge named after him.
New Amsterdam The name of the Dutch settlement on Manhattan Island.
Patroon System A plan to attract settlers by giving away land to one person who would rent it out.
Richard Nicolls First British governor of New Netherlands.
Spinning Wheel A machine run by a foot pedal with a large wheel that turns to spin thread.
Bouwerie The Dutch word for farm.
Plymouth The second permanent English settlement.
William Kieft Dutch merchant who wanted the Algonquians to pay a tax to the Dutch government.
Jamestown The first permanent English settlement in America.
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