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Chiro Business I

Tri 1

#1 rule in Chiro Business Money is the by product of srevices rendered
#2 Rule in Chiro Business Successful treatment plans and Dr/Pt relationship are based upon trust and response to care
Importance of Telephone Procedure for YOU Impress patient, Verify Ins. Coverage, Educate Pt.
Importance of Insurance Procedure for PT. forms first impression, uses comfort level to support or question their decision
Telephone Locations front desk, offices, dark room, therapy bays, multiple locations = FASTER SERVICE, always remember to SMILE
Telephone materials needed Daily Telephone Log (name, time and reason), Insurance Information and Verification Form, Scheduling Boook
5 Steps to NP protocol Greeting, Acknowledge caller, Get information, Schedule Visit, Bond on close
What is Bonding on the Close? make sure pt knows how to get to clinic, tell who will meet them
Preparation for NP visit Insurance Verification, Prepare forms, NP Literature, Morning Mtg, Reminder Call
Insurance Verification A financial report necessary, suppl. pymt verified, need grp #, policy #, beneficiary name, Beneficiary ID, Phone # to Verify
Verified on each visit... Insurance change
Do Not ask Insurance if pt. specifically has CHIRO coverage ask about individual services
NP 1st Visit Goals surpass expectations, determine if you can help, gather info
NP 1st Visit Info Forms Privacy Notice, New Pt. Registration,Case Hx, Ins. Verification, NP Consultation, Pt. Examination, X ray Orders, X ray Report
Pt Education on 1st Visit FAQ brochure, Welcome Letter
Privacy Notice (1st Visit) how we use info, when we share info, Pt. rights, Clinic's rights
NP registration form (1st Visit) pt. contact, pt. personal, emergency contact, spouse, Pt. employment, sommary of visit, authorization for exam, notice we may not accept case, notice additional services may be recommended
Pt. Case Hx Form (1st Visit) Health Complaint, Lifestyle/Habits, Family Hx, previous illness, Injuries, Hospital/Medicine, Review of Systems, Pregnancy Status
Notices (1st Visit) Hx, consult and x-rays performed for informational services, and X-rays are property of the clinic and origionals are not released
Authorizations (1st Visit) Consent to X-ray, Consent to examinations
More Notices Insurance is not intended to pay for all care, Recommendations based on pt. condition not finances, no guarantee ins. will cover cost, pt. will be told cost b4 performed, pt. is responsible for pymt
Authorizations..again.. Assignment of Benefits, Information Release
What is a Report of Findings? Every pt. who recieves an exam or X ray, this is the pt of official case acceptance OR referral
When are recommedations? Every case accepted recieves these, and also a Financial Report
When are ROF and Recomm. given? can be split back to back days, or can be altered if emergency relief is needed
Visit 1 Intake forms, Consultation, Exam/X-ray
Visit 2 ROF, Pt. Options, 1st Trmt, Follow-up call
Visit 3 Recommendations, Financial Report, Scheduling
What are goals for report? tell what is wrong, provide info so pt. can make decision, find what pt. wants to do
Pt. Concerns Whats wrong, How long, How often, How much
Report Materials education materials(charts, handouts), Anatomical models, List of findings
5 Steps to NP ROF Can you help, tell what is wrong, find what pt. wants, First treatment, Schedule Recommendations
What do you explain when telling Pt. what is wrong? Body Structure, Soft Tissue and Performance
Body Structure Posture Imbalance, Degeneration, VSC Levels
Soft Tissue Spasm, Trigger Pts,Scar tissue/Adhesions, Laxity
Performance Joint ROM, Balance/Agility, Strength, Flexibility
When do you get Informed Consent? Before giving 1st treatment on 2nd Visit
What is in Informed Consent? Provider's information, benefits, Risks, Probability of Risks, Other treatment options, Riskd of not being treated, Witness
What is said in the Follow up call? ask how they responded, give home instructions, confirm next visit
Materials needed for 3rd Visit Forms(treatment plan, Pt. Care Guidlines, Pt. Questionaire, Appt. Calender), Financial Report, Care Class Ticket
5 Steps to Recommendations and Financial Report Recap whats wrong, Treatment Plan, Financial Report, Pt. Acceptance, Multiple Appt. Scheduling
What is the Treatment Plan? tells how long and frequency, catagory, short and long term goals, lifestyle modification, supports, nutrition, restrictions, factors that will delay response
What is the Financial Report? Tells Pt. how much and payment options, given by CA
When does Pt. Accept Plan? Signed treatmet Plan, Signed Care Guidlines, Signed Pt. Questionaire,
When is Pt. 2nd Treatment? 3rd Visit
When are Progress Exams? every 12 visits, evaluate response, record results on Pt. Eval form
What is a Progress Report? Pt. update, may have new trmt plan, new goals, may neen new financial repot
Pt. Response to Care if no response in 5 visits..2nd opinion, further diagnostic tests, revise plan. If no response in 12 visits...revise plan.
Update Hx & Exam done when 30 days have gone by( does not include maintenance Pt.), If Pt. misses 3 yrs, go to NP protocol
Record Keeping Rules common sense
Daily Notes Date, Attending DC, Subjective,Objective, Assessment, Overall Condition, Plan, Todays Procedures, Next Visit, Education Material given
Subjective What Pt says
Objective What DC finds
Assessment Conclusion, Diagnosis
Overall Condition Improved, Worse, Same, resolved
Plan Action Taken
What is Budgeting? An annual estimate of the total value of resources required for the performance of your mission, broken down monthly and includes revenues and expenses
Revenue Money In(NP & EP Cash Collections, Ins. Collections, Supply Sales, Equip. Sales, Nutrition Sales
Expenses Money Out (STAFF -wages, FICA, prof. dvlpmnt FINANCIAL-bank fees, CC process. OFFICE-rent, supplies, equip., maintenance, phone, gas, water, Ins., Education Material. ADVERTISING-print, cable, directory, care class, web. PRINTING, POSTAGE, TRAVEL,
Key Points to Borrowing Money Ability to repay, Credit Hx, Debt to Equity ratio, Collateral, Exp.
Credit Score determined by.. Total debt, Consumer debt, Debt to available credit ratio, mortgage credit, auto credit, credit appl. and public records
Total Debt of ALL account, not as important as pymt Hx or % available
Consumer Credit Credit Card Debt-should have more than 1 but not too many, not all opened at same time, not all closed at same time. If these are high your considered a risk
Mortgage Credit Avg. Pymt, Avg, balance..you want these lower than National Avg.
Auto Credit Avg Pymt. and Balance...get them lower than National Avg (currently 382.00/mnth)
Credit Applications Inquiry posts each time a lender checks Hx,..Mult. check over long time will lower score, but mult. checks at once will not
Public Records Avg. number of late Payments 30 -120 days past due, Bankrupcy/Foreclosure/Repossession
Scoring Rating A-(670-7400) B(620-670) C (580-620) D(550-580)
where should I be? 620 or higher!!
Reporting Agencies Equifax, Experian, TransUnion
What is the Fact Act? ammendment allowing 1 free report a year
Created by: hwhite