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chapter 11 ss

this man created one of the largest fur businesses in the west, the American Fur Company. John Jacob Astor
this group of men was traders and trappers that settled in the Rocky Mountains. Mountain Men
this was a more than 2000 mile trail that stretched from Independence, Missouri to the Oregon Country. Oregon Trail
this was a trail that led a large group of religious settlers to the Great Salt Lake in Utah. Mormon Trail
Americans traded many goods with Mexicans along this trail that ran from Missouri to New Mexico. Sante Fe Trail
this religious group was founded in New York, but eventually settled in Utah because they were persecuted for their religious beliefs. Mormons
this man was the founder of the Mormons. Joseph Smith
this man was the leader of the mormons that settled the group in Utah. Brigham Young
these men were Mexican agents hired by the Mexican government to bring U.S. settlers to Texas. Empersarios
this man started a colony on the lower Colorado River and eventually became the Secretary of State of the Republic of Texas. Stephen F. Austin
american settlement in Texas was banned by the Mexican government because Americans kept bringing these into Texas. Slaves
this man ruled over Mexico during the Texas Revolution and the Mexican-American War. Antonio Lopez De Santa Anna
this man was appointed head of the Texas army during the Texas Revolution and went on to be president of the Republic of Texas. Sam Houston
this place was an abandoned mission in Texas and was also an important site during the Texas Revolution; the battle here lasted for almost two weeks despite the Americans being greatly outnumbered. Alamo
this was the last battle of the Texas Revolution Battle of San Jacinto
this was the idea that it was ordained by God for Americans to settle the entire North American continent from the Atlantic Ocean to the Pacific Ocean Manifest Destiny
this president did not annex Texas because of pressure from his political party, the Wigs Andrew Jackson
during the election of 1844, both candidates, Clay and Polk, wanted to annex this territory and Texas Oregon
the debate over the oregon country was settled between U.S. and Great Britain when the U.S.-Canadian border was set at this. 49th parallel
much of Mexican-owned California operated under this type of farming system Mission Sytem
after the mission system ended in California, these "cowboys" herded the animals on the ranches. Vaqueros
the more than 3,000 Mexican settlers in California were known as this. Californios
this group opposed the Mexican-American War because they feared slavery would spread throughout the southwest region. Whigs
this event began with American settlers seizing the town of Sonoma, California and ended with California declaring its independence from Mexico. Bear Flag Revolt
this treaty officially ended the Mexican-American War and forced Mexico to give up its northern lands to the U.S. Treaty Of Guadalupe Hidalgo
during this $10,000,000 purchase, the U.S. gained the southern portions of New Mexico and Arizona and finally established this boundary with Mexico. Gadsden Purchase
these people often came into conflict with American settlers in the Southwest over land use and rights. Mexican Americans
this group was stranded in the Sierra Nevada Mountains during their trip to settle in California. Donner Party
the more than 80,000 gold-seeking migrants to California in 1849 were known as these. Forty-Niners
these people used pans and other devices to wash gold nuggets out of loose rock and gravel in California. Place Miners
in 1849, about 20,000 of these arrived in the U.S. from Europe, Mexico, and South America in search for gold and a better life. Immigrants
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