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Chapter 15 Section 1

A New Deal Fights the Depression

Who was Franklin Delano Roosevelt? FDR, a democrat who was very active and promoted a "can do" attitude in helping to fix issues with jobs, food, and poverty
While waiting to be inaugurated Roosevelt formulated the New Deal with his elite team of advisors. What 3 main points did the deal deal with? Relieving the Needy, Recovering the Economy, and financial reform
What was "100 days" the first 100 days of FDRs presidency where he made drastic reforms by passing new deal legislature. he paid special attention to banks. They were closed until they were fit to remain open, and they could apply for loans if they needed to
What were FDRs "fireside chats"? He would make radio addresses to the nation about what he was doing and why he was doing it. it made people feel connected with the president
What did the Glass-Steagall Act do? It created the FDIC, an insurance network for bank accounts, reassuring many citizens that their savings were safe. The act required banks to act responsible with their customer's money.
What was the Federal Securities Act? It required corporations to provide complete information on all stock offerings and made them liable for any misinterpretations.
What did the 21st amendment do? Repealed Prohibition so the government could make more money by taxing alcohol.
What was the Agricultural Adjustion Act? It sought to raise crop prices by lowering production. the government even paid some farmers to destroy some of their crops
What was the Civilian conservation Corps? Men 18-25 would go to camps where they would plant trees (to prevent another Dust Bowl) build roads and develop parks. They got paid $30/month $25 of it was sent back to their families.
What was the National Industrial Recovery Act? It created jobs for people by having them build schools and community buildings. They built half a million miles of roads and 40,000 schools.
What was the National Recovery Association? It establishes standards and set prices of products. Workers were now allowed to unionize. The NRA was accused of favoring large businesses
What did the Federal Housing Administration and the Federal Emergency Relief System do? Provided direct relief to the poor by helping them get loans and furnished food and clothing for the unemployed
Roosevelt soon admitted to deficit spending, what is it? Spending more money than the government makes in revenue. He wasnt happy about it but believed it was needed in a time of economic disaster.
What pro-conservative supreme court decisions were made during Roosevelts presidency? The AAA and NIRA were deemed unconstitutional due to the fact that they gave too much power to states (NIRA) or took away power from states (AAA)
How did FDR keep the New Deal running when it was opposed by the Supreme Court? When old justices retired he would appoint new liberal justices who supported the New Deal.
Who were the three leaders of the American Liberty League? Coughlin, a Catholic priest. Townsend, a physician who thought FDR wasnt doing enough to help the poor and elderly. Long, once supported the new deal but then turned away hoping to gain power by giving "something to everyone" (he was later assassinated)
Created by: KoriLeigh