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33 Principles

Tri 1

Origional Principles By R. W. Stephenson in "The Chiropractic Textbook"
Reordered, and edited Priciples David B. Kock D.C., Palmer University
Srephenson's goal to inspire and promote continued study, observation, and reflection..not to permanently define
"Philosophy on the 50 yard line" by Dr. Kock
3 Natural Categories Universal (14), Biological(16), Chiropractic(3)
The Major Premise #1 There is a Universal Intelligence in all matter... , it created matter which makes up the material universe, therefore Intelligence is the immaterial universe
#2 Cause and Effect every effect has a cause and vise versa......the study of chiro is largely the study of relations between cause and effect
#3 The principle of time All process requires time........when do symptoms begin?
#4 No Organization w/o the Effect of Force Matter can have no motion w/o the application of force by intelligence
#5 Universal Expression Force is manifested as organization in matter.....
#6 The Triune of Organization Any organized structure is a triunity have three factors....intelligence, matter and force......Force is the BOND
#7 The Amt of Intelligence in Matter Always 100% , and proportional to its requirements....just enough, no more
#8 The Function of Intelligence to create force
#9 The Amount of Force Created by Intelligence always 100%...shows the law of adaptation
#10 The Function of Force to unite intelligence and matter
#11 The Function of Matter to express force
#12 The Character of Universal Force umanifested by physical laws, unswerving and unadapted....the great cycle
#13 Intelligence in Both Organic or Inorganic Matter the name says it all
#14 Interference with Transmission of Univeral Force Energies are conducted and can be interfered with...Electricity, Light and X-rays
#15 Organic Matter the material of the body is organic
#16 Innate Intelligence you are born with innate....but do not think of it as a little God...how you value HUMANITY depends on this
#17 The Chiro Meaning of Life expression of this innate intelligence through matter....this is the key philosophical difference
#18 The Triune of Life Life is the union of intelligence..by innate forces
#19 Evidence of Life Signs of Life..Assimilation, elimination, growth, reproduction and adaptation
#20 The MIssion of Innate to maintain the material of the body in active organization
#21 The Perfection of the Triune 100% Life, has to have 100% intelligence and 100% force and 100% matter
#22 The Amount of Innate Intelligence 100%
#23 The function of Innate Intelligence to adapt universal forces and matter for use in the body
#24 The Principle of Coordination harmonious interaction
#25 The Limits of Adaptation cannot break universal law, limited by matter
#26 The Normality of Innate Inteligence always normal
#27 The Character of Innate Force never intended to injure or destroy
#28 Comparison of Universal and Innate Forces universal are destructive, innate are constructive
#29 Interference with Transmission of Innate Forces pressure, irritation, heat, cold, toxins etc
#30 The Cause of Dis-ease Interferece
#31 The Conductors of Innate Forces Nerve systems
#32 The Law of Demand and Supply nerves trnsmt info
#33 Subluxations Interference often due to subluxations
Created by: hwhite