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Chiro Matrix

Tri 1

VSC Vertebral Subluxation Complex
Why do patients need to know VSC? Explains what is wrong, validates desicion, explains total body function, involoves patient in process and increases the percieved value, model for wellness care, helps create long term relationships
Spinal Kinesiopathology abnormal motion or position of the vertebra
Neuropathophysiology abnormal nervous system function
Myopathology Abnormal muscle tissue function
Histopathology Abnormal soft tissue function
Pahophysiology Abnormal function of the spine and body
Kinesiopathology topics fixations(not moving) and compensations(too much mvmt), this area is the most affected by chiropractic!!!
Neuropathophysiology topics brain feeds on motion, analogies..CPU...
Myopathology topics imbalaces in muscle causes uneven pressure on joints
Histopathology topics Cortocosteroids decrease pain but accelerate arthritic changes, nerves will die with repeated injections
Pathophysiology topics imbalances in nervous system affects organs, think sympathetic and parasympathetic, Hx is important
Causes of Subluxation Trauma, thought, toxins
Detox the next BIG thing
The 4 stnd Questions Whats wrong, can you help, how long?, How much?
What is chiropractic? A unique approach to health that focuses on the structure of the spine and its affect on the function of the nervous system...non invasive, cost effecive
What is a subluxation? When a vertebrae is misaligned or not moving properly causing an interference or imbalance in the nervous system
Is it safe? ...adjustmens are far safer than any other form of health care..(???)
Created by: hwhite